Author: Ester Lavandyan

How to Get Modish Weekend Casual Style

Weekend is the time of the week when we want to forget about everything in the world and have a great rest. That’s the time for relaxation, shopping, family and just for a simple walk in the nearest park. While we love wearing the most comfortable outfits on weekends there are several tips on how to look stylish even in casual looks. Check out our guide to modish weekend casual style and try to stay fashionable no matter what, where and when. T-Shirt and Jeans This is probably one of the most popular street styles we see every day....

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5 Trendy Jackets for 2018

Jackets are among the most necessary outfits in our wardrobes. We use them in spring, autumn and winter and sometimes take with us for cool summer evening walks. While you may use a single jacket for years, others like to update their collection for each season. Special for those looking for trendy jackets for 2018 here are some fabulous options that come from the latest fashion shows. Find your style! Long Denim Jacket So, oversized, long and cozy denim jackets have come to replace the popular tight and short ones. These are rather comfortable and eye-catching than common jeans...

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Print Trends to Wear This Spring/Summer

It seems as if prints never leave the fashion world. Moreover, they are always updated with modern touches and creative solutions. Today we’ll discover the best print trends for this spring and summer. If you like to refresh your current outfits that look dull and uninteresting, then it’s the high time to opt for trendy prints. Vertical Candy Stripes Red and white candy stripes are now trendy prints for spring/summer outfits. They are simple yet so eye-catching. They are so distinctive that designers separate them from all other stripes. Luckily, many fashion houses come with candy stripes representing them...

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The Best Sandals for SS 2018

We all love sandals as they are chic, cozy and travel-friendly. While high heels are too beautiful, too attractive and feminine, they are not meant or long walks, traveling, shopping and everyday casual lifestyle. Besides all the pairs of shoes founded in our wardrobes we should have at least one pair of sandals for any occasion. The best thing about sandals, compared to many other convenient shoes, is that we can rock them with any outfit from jeans and shorts to girlish dresses and skirts. Let’s find out the best sandals for SS 2018. Dolce & Gabbana Sandals 2018...

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How to Choose Sunglasses

Every year we are offered new and more fashionable sunglasses but how do we know we make the right choice? Today we’ll discuss some important issues concerning the right choice of the sunglasses according to your face shape, seasonal changes, and your needs and of course the quality of the eye-wear. All you need to know about how to choose sunglasses is founded below. Your Face Shape So, when we opt for a trendy pair of sunglasses the first thing we think about is whether it suits us or not. It should first of all compliment your face shape...

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