Author: Ester Lavandyan

Black Outfit Trends to Have in 2018

Black is always elegant! This is perhaps the most popular phrase about the darkest shade of the color palette. The best thing about black, however, is its incredible power of being so practice. It suits everyone when used wisely and goes with many accessories. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best black outfit trends for 2018 and will learn how to wear them the right way to look more stylish. Even the simplest black dress can highlight all the beauty of your body and skin tone. So, never underestimate the charm of black color. Little Black...

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Best Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Healthy and shiny hair is a dream for every woman with problematic hair type. Check out our list of the best hair care tips and tricks if you know your locks need extra care and attention. The best way to bring your tresses to the possible sparkling and healthy look is keeping up with the most effective hair care ideas. You can find millions of tips, but we have collected just the best for you. So, stay with us to discover the secret to beautiful locks. How to Wash Hair: Dry Hair Well, I believe you know how to...

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Biggest Makeup Trends for The Moment

Makeup trends change up so quickly that we hardly manage to keep up with all of them. Here we are to take a look at the biggest makeup trends for the moment. Do you need a cool update in your makeup routine? Keep on reading and you’ll discover more about the latest innovative and stylish solutions in the fashion world. Before trying out any of these makeup ideas, make sure you choose the best options for your face shape, facial features, eye shape and skin tone. Hues of Neon Shades of neon are the boldest and most eye-catching hues...

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Cozy Travel Outfit Ideas for Women

The outfits women choose for traveling greatly differ from what men take with them. This regards both the quantity of clothes and styles. However, it’s not always we make wise choices and sometimes take odd outfits with us that become useless during traveling. They just take additional place in our luggage. Check out our collection of cozy travel outfits for women and choose the best outfits for your vocations from now on. We’ll help you stay comfy and fashionable at the same time. Feminine Chic Many women prefer wearing outfits that are both feminine and comfortable. Of course, when...

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How to Wear White Sneakers

White sneakers have become so popular and fashionable that almost all women wear them in everyday life. They don’t ask seasonal changes are always practical. The only worry that you may have about white sneakers is their demand of always looking clean and fresh. While there are several cool ideas on how to take care for white sneakers, we are here to discuss something else and perhaps more important regarding to this fashion trend. Let’s see how to wear white sneakers and what to match with them to look more stylish. White Sneakers with Trench Coat Whether you rock...

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