Author: Ester Lavandyan

Best Chanel Red Carpet Looks

It’s not a secret that Chanel is one of the most requested fashion brands that always comes up with innovative style and design solutions. We have collected the best Chanel red carpet looks. Take a look at this string of stylish looks and get your next fashion inspiration. Celebrities rocking Chanel outfits will keep you busy during these several minutes. Margot Robbie Off-the-shoulder gowns have been the biggest trends of the previous year and they are stylish this year too. Could you imagine a dress that has required 550 hours of work? Margot Robbie’s cute smile tells that she...

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2019 Beauty Trends

Between hundreds of beauty trends for 2019 today we have collected the most wearable and eye-catching ones that look both beautiful and attractive. Discover the latest beauty hacks and tricks to replace your old-fashioned tips with newer ones. Try to find the most suitable hairstyles and makeup ideas for special occasions and casual days. Stay stylish! 80’s Exaggerated Waves So, the first beauty trend to use this year is the natural-looking wavy hairstyle from the past. This retro hairdo reminds us of 80’s celebrities who had limited hair styling ideas and techniques but looked awesome in their styles. Nowadays,...

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Celebrity Pastel Hair Colors

When hairstylists and hair colorists offer a new shade celebs are the first enthusiasts who dare to experiment with it. In spite of the fact that pastel hair is not something new in fashion, it is again in thing. Lately, we see many celebrities in pastel hair colors and here we are again to take a look at some of the most fashionable looks. If you seek for some crazy hair color inspiration, then stay with us. Lady Gaga Pastel Blue Hair This is not the first time Lady Gaga rock paste hair. She has experimented with several pastel...

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Corduroy: Fabric of the Year

Looking for a warm and stylish fabric for this winter and spring? Here we are to offer the fabric of the year, and it’s corduroy. Whether you need cozy pants or warm skirts, you won’t go wrong with this trendy material. Below you’ll find some of the best examples on how to rock the corduroy in the most fashionable way. Corduroy Suit If you are tired of your old-fashioned classic suits and want something new, then choose this fabric. Nowadays it is worn in bright, pastel and light colors. You will grab attention with such a lovely and pleasant...

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Trendy Hairstyles Captured at the Grammy Awards 2019

Thanks to the professionalism of some of the celebrity hairstylists we are not disappointed from the Grammy Awards beauty looks. Today we’ll take a look at the best hairstyles from the Grammy Awards 2019. Keep your eyes on some of the trendiest celebrity looks to copy these hairdos for festive events. We hope you’ll find a cool hairstyle matching your hair type and length. Also, don’t forget to get your ultimate hair color inspiration from these looks. Dua Lipa Black Bob Hairstyle Bobs are in thing these days and we see Dua Lipa in a trendy short haircut colored...

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