Author: Ester Lavandyan

How to Choose Dresses According to Your Body Shape

Although there are well-known standards for perfect body shapes but we are here to tell you that your body is perfect just the way it is and you need to showcase its beauty in a wiser manner. The right chosen style and design of outfits can beautifully bring out your best features by hiding the flaws that each of us has. Let’s see how to choose dresses according to your body shape. Pear Body Shape When we say pear shape, we mean the structure of body that’s wider in the center and slimmer on the waist. So, you need...

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Laptop-Friendly Bags for Stylish Businesswomen

There are cases when business ladies want to look as stylish as the rest of world but their lifestyle and job doesn’t allow them to dress up the way they want. When it comes to accessories, they usually go for strict rules and tend to keep everything classic, neat and elegant. If you are a successful business lady who is tired of the same outfits and accessories, then you are in the right place. Discover the best laptop-friendly bags that can hold your most important working “tool” in a safe place as well as make you look fashionable. You...

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Fresh Hair Color Inspo from Instagram Fashionistas

We always seek for new changes, transformation and stylish looks. That’s why we often play up with our looks. Perhaps the easiest way to make a big change in our appearance is touching up our haircut and hair color. When we change our hair color we become more attractive and eye-catching. This time we’ll find out the freshest hair color ideas from Instagram fashionistas. If you are thinking of a big change, then let’s start it here. Ocean Blue Hair Color The newest blue hair color trend for this summer is the ocean blue shade. It’s one of the...

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Gigi Hadid’s Hottest Outfit Collection

Young, beautiful and talented; that’s all a woman wants to sparkle in the crowd. Gigi Hadid is one of the most popular models in America and she is an inspirational girl for many women of all age groups. This cute beauty knows how to show off her true charm and femininity. Today we’ll take a look at Gigi Hadid’s hottest outfits that can leave you speechless. These are perhaps her most beautiful looks that can give you new dressing ideas for prom. White Two-Piece Dress We have seen Gigi in a number of white dresses from long and romantic...

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L’Oréal Paris about Bad Hair Care Habits to Stop Now

Hair that looks shiny and healthy tells about the owner’s attention to hair care details that provide her with such result. Today we’ll speak about the most common hair care habits that damage our locks and make them look dull. L’Oréal Paris has revealed out some of the most popular bad hair care habits you need to stop doing right now. The right and appropriate care for your hair is more than important for luscious and beautiful hairstyles. Let’s see what we do wrong with our mane. Shampooing Roughly So, the first bad habit we seldom think of is...

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