Author: Ester Lavandyan

Best Short Haircuts

There are haircuts that stay in style forever because they suit almost everyone and bring out the best features of the wearer. In your choice of the right haircut you must pay attention to your facial features and face shape. If you are not sure in your choice, you can always refer to a pro and find the haircut that best suits you. While many women tend to rock long or medium hairstyles because they look more feminine than short haircuts, there are some that have hair types that require short styles. Here are the best short haircuts for...

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Update Your Wardrobe for Winter

Every season is interesting in its way and the style changes that they bring to our wardrobes are also exiting. We like replacing old-fashioned items with fashionable ones and we like enjoying our new outfits and accessories for the coming season. Since winter is almost here we’ll update our wardrobes for winter. In order to escape any mess or unavoidable inconvenience, we’ll everything properly and according to the most useful updating rules. Handbags So, let’s start from handbags. Handbags are considered to be the most versatile fashion accessories that take place in our wardrobes. We can use one and...

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Black Prom Dresses for Upcoming Parties

Christmas and New Year are already on the corner and all we need is a stylish look. A gorgeous stylish look start with the right chosen festive outfit. Leaving alone all the colorful, printed and bright shades for festive outfits, we’ll take a look at the most beautiful black prom dresses that stand out with their chic elegance, simplicity and classy touches. Who says black is not a good choice for parties? Let’s enjoy this collection! Black Fringe Dress Recently, ASOS has represented one of its most luxurious design solutions for black dresses and it’s the full fringe style....

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Best Shades of Purple Hair Color

Between the most extravagant hair color trends purple is perhaps one of the most requested toes. It comes with a number of hues and shades and today we’ll represent the best shades of purple hair color. If you are tired of the traditional hair color ideas, then find your ultimate hair color inspiration right here and right now. Pick up one of these purple hues for your locks consulting with a professional hair colorist. Keep in mind that light tones of purple require deep bleaching, while darker shades can easily be worn on brunette hair. Dark Purple Hair Color...

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Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Headwear Trends

It’s the high time to think of warmer accessories and update our wardrobes for this fall. Every season comes with newer pieces and makes us to leave aside old-fashioned accessories. Hats and headpieces play a great role in our fall looks. Many of us can’t go without hats during the cold months of the year and there is always a hat trend for the every season. Let’s check out some of the best headwear trends for fall/winter 2018-2019. The Structured Beret Berets are the most fashionable hats for this year. They have an old story and have always been...

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