Author: Ester Lavandyan

Best Beach Bags to Choose for This Summer

Beach vocations and pool parties are perhaps the most expected events of summer. We wait for it for many months and when days get warmer we take all the necessary with us and go to the beach. Today we’ll found out the best beach bags where we are supposed to put all our holiday essentials. Starting from your bikini to the SPF cream, here are the most convenient beach bags where you can put more items than in your common bags. It is obvious, that beach bags are the largest and most comfortable to take with you. Straw Basket...

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Extravagant Yet Stylish Hair Highlights

Hair colors and hair highlights tend to undergo various changes by smart and creative hairstylists. Leaving alone all the possible hair color and hair highlighting ideas, today we will refer to the most extravagant yet stylish hair highlights that fashionable women prefer for 2018. Unicorn Purple Highlights The popularity of purple highlights is becoming more and more common these days. Many women opt for purple highlights but just a few go bolder and edgier. Here you see the latest idea of purple highlights called unicorn purple. Actually, it’s a mixture of purple, pink, silver, pastel blue and gray shades...

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Best Swimsuit Trends

Although swimsuits seldom undergo extravagant changes but they are also influenced by the latest stylish solutions and designs. That’s why each year we are provided with new swimsuit trends. Let’s check out the best options to make the right choice for this summer. Whether you have many swimsuits or just a single piece, it’s recommended to walk with the time and rock trendy styles and designs. One-Piece Swimsuit One-piece swimsuits have never been out of style because they always provide with more coverage than the rest of styles there are many women who prefer hiding their body faults. So,...

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Chic Accessory Trends for Summer

Accessory trends come and go by the time and we are glad our smart designers always have something new to offer us for the upcoming season. These chic accessory trends for summer are going to fill up your wardrobe with modern touches and latest beauty hacks. Elevate your simple outfits with these gorgeous trends and stand out in the crowd with your fancy look. Sculptural Earrings Subtle and tiny earrings had their moment in 2017 and it’s the time for sculptural earrings that come with more creative solutions and eye-catching styles. In spite of the fact that sculptural earrings...

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Best Straight Hairstyle Ideas

Straight hair is always considered as the most elegant and classic hair trend of all times. It never leaves the fashion world and is always requested among all women. Even naturally curly-haired ladies often go for super straight hairstyles for various occasions. Here we are to take a look at the best straight hairstyles to learn new and modern ways of styling. Long Straight Layered Hairstyle Long and thick hair always allows us to go for fresh layers. It is not recommended to cut hair into layers, if its thin and unruly. However, long and thick layers look fantastic...

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