Author: Ester Lavandyan

How to Choose Sunglasses

Every year we are offered new and more fashionable sunglasses but how do we know we make the right choice? Today we’ll discuss some important issues concerning the right choice of the sunglasses according to your face shape, seasonal changes, and your needs and of course the quality of the eye-wear. All you need to know about how to choose sunglasses is founded below. Your Face Shape So, when we opt for a trendy pair of sunglasses the first thing we think about is whether it suits us or not. It should first of all compliment your face shape...

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Prom Style: Braided Hair Inspiration

Stylish girls always keep up with the latest hairstyle trends to be the first to try something new. If you are getting prepared for a special event and you have already chosen the prom outfit then it’s the high time to find the perfect prom braided hairstyle idea to complete the fancy look. Well help you make the right choice according to your hair length and hair color. Keep on reading! Messy Braided Updo Hairstyle Braided updo hairstyles are usually ideal for classic and elegant looks. They are often worn by brides and office women invited to a special...

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Best Travel Friendly Shoes

People traveling a lot know how important it is to wear a cozy and high-quality pair of shoes before leaving home. You know you’ll walk as much as you want when you are confident about the quality of your shoes. Let’s find out the best travel friendly shoes in order to make our journeys more enjoyable and less stressful. Slip-on Shoes Slip-on shoes are not only cozy but also very fashionable. They are simple yet comfortable options for travelers. You can find them in various material including leather, floral crochet, wool and so on. Choose the ones that go...

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Trendy Clutches 2018

Would you like to complete your style with new accessories? Stay with us because today we’ll discover the best clutches for 2018. A trendy bag or clutch can change up your entire look adding a style statement and a fancy touch to it. Women with sporty style can transform into elegant ladies with the right chosen classic outfits and clutches and women with too glamorous styles can go for a bit sporty with cozy clutches. So, check out our list to find your style. Tiny Belt Clutch Perhaps one of the most convenient clutches out there is the belt...

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