Author: Ester Lavandyan

The Latest Celebrity Outfits to Copy for SS 2018

Everything that’s associated with fashion is always changeable. However, there is an opinion that every new thing is the improved version of the old. The same is seen in the world of fashion. Whatever you may copy from the trendiest runway looks there is always the touch of retro that makes it so appealing and interesting for you. Today we’ll take a look at the latest celebrity outfits for SS 2018. These are the best looks for the coming warm seasons and they will surely make you think big and change up your current style with modern touches. Flower...

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Gigi Hadid’s Personal Taste and Style that Impress Fashionistas

Recently many celebrities become style idols and bring a kind of style statement in the world of fashion. Gigi Hadid may be one of your favorite celebrities that models like no one else. She is a fashionable and very impressive lady with so many followers. This stunning beauty knows how to inspire many girls of her age. She is 23 years old but she already stands out with her personal taste and style of the desired feminine looks. Here are the best looks from Gigi Hadid to inspire you in your upcoming style statement. Check out Gigi Hadid’s personal...

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Aromatherapy as a Big Fighter against Stress

There are various ways of overcoming stress and win it. If you have tried all of the medical solutions but couldn’t fight against depression and stress then the biggest fighter for you may be aromatherapy. It is believed that people used to fight against stress with aromatherapy in ancient times. This secret is unveiled by a little number of specialists, but we believe that it will become more popular in the near future. Why? Because the result is obvious. People suffering from headaches, different kinds of stress and depression find a kind of peace and harmony once they start...

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Healthy Lifestyle: Mind your Eating Routine

People seeking for healthy lifestyle often visit gyms and go for special exercises. However, physical health has a direct association with healthy eating. If you have decided to change your lifestyle, then let’s make it healthier with these tips and tricks. Start to mind your eating routine and making it healthier, lighter and more enjoyable. You Don’t Have to Give up Anything Many people think that if they give up eating this or that particular food, they’ll become healthier. The fact is that heathy eating doesn’t require giving up anything. First and most important thing in a healthy diet...

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Retro is Back with Modern Twists

It’s a well-known fact that fashion is like a clock- everything that becomes old returns by the time and again becomes fashionable. Lately we see the major influence of the 70’s and 80’s in fashion and lifestyle, but the most interesting things is that all of those old-fashioned styles hold a kind of modern effect in them. Let’s take a look at the big comeback of retro into the world of fashion.  All in all, old is gold and there is always something inspiring in any vintage piece. Retro Outfits for 2018 Retro outfits are becoming more and more...

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