Author: Ester Lavandyan

Retro is Back with Modern Twists

It’s a well-known fact that fashion is like a clock- everything that becomes old returns by the time and again becomes fashionable. Lately we see the major influence of the 70’s and 80’s in fashion and lifestyle, but the most interesting things is that all of those old-fashioned styles hold a kind of modern effect in them. Let’s take a look at the big comeback of retro into the world of fashion.  All in all, old is gold and there is always something inspiring in any vintage piece. Retro Outfits for 2018 Retro outfits are becoming more and more...

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Trendy Hair Color Ideas for any Season

Each season professional hair colorists offer new and more creative hair color ideas. Of course, the first experiments are held on the bravest women. Celebrities are also among those adventurous women that are not afraid of edgy and extravagant changes. After several experiments common stylish women fall in love with new trends. Check out the trendiest hair color ideas to try this season. Softly Contrasting Roots Once Selena Gomez appeared with a new hair color everyone wanted that awesome trend. This ravishing brunette has decided to become a fancy blonde-haired lady who still loves her natural shade. Her smart hair...

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How to Become Stylish with No Money

If you think that you need lots of money to change up your style and look more fashionable, then you are in the right place to change up your mind first. We are here to tell you how to become stylish with no money. These tips and tricks are special for those who seek for modern improvements in their looks. It’s not a secret that a women sparkles with all her beauty when she is confident and stylish. So, let’s find out the best way of sparkling with fancy touches and interesting solutions. Review What You Have Review all...

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Update your Wardrobe for Spring 2018

Spring is the most sophisticated and suitable season for updates and refreshments.  It’s the best time to choose for big skincare, makeup and dressing changes. Today we’ll discover how to update your wardrobe for spring 2018. These tips will help you make the right choice of shades, dressing ideas and trendy outfits for 2018. Keep your eyes on some of the best solutions to look stylish no matter what. Trendy Shades 2018 Every season the well-known Pantone Color Institute unveils the trendiest shades of the year or the upcoming season to give us fresher and fancier ideas on how...

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2018 Hairstyle Inspiration by Celebs

There are millions of ways to look stylish, but the right chosen haircut or hairstyle tells a lot about your taste and knowledge of the latest trends. A simple haircut or a new hairstyle can change your whole appearance making it more eye-catching, fashionable and attractive. Anyone can stand out in the crowd with a new hairstyle trend. Here we are to discover the best hairstyles from celebrities for 2018. I am sure you need this inspiration as there is always something interesting in a fancy hairdo, whether it’s short or long. Fake Bangs Is this trend back again?...

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