Author: Ester Lavandyan

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Headwear Trends

It’s the high time to think of warmer accessories and update our wardrobes for this fall. Every season comes with newer pieces and makes us to leave aside old-fashioned accessories. Hats and headpieces play a great role in our fall looks. Many of us can’t go without hats during the cold months of the year and there is always a hat trend for the every season. Let’s check out some of the best headwear trends for fall/winter 2018-2019. The Structured Beret Berets are the most fashionable hats for this year. They have an old story and have always been...

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Glitter Boots are in Thing

Leaving alone all the stylish boots you have, famous designers offer something new to impress the crowd. Consider owning a pair of glitter boots for parties and special occasions. It’s the high time to replace your festive shoes with glitter boots. Below we have collected the most inspiring and fashionable pairs of glitter boots that we have seen during the latest fashion shows. If you are looking for a modern dressing solution, then keep on reading to meet the desired style. Saint Laurent Glitter Boots Celebrities rocking posh glitter boots often choose the knee-length, as it grabs more attention...

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Everything about Puffer Jackets

The most important thing about puffer jackets is that they are warm. The second interesting fact about them is that they are stylish. And the third attractive part about puffer jackets is that they don’t ask sex and age. Everyone can wear puffer jackets in fall and winter to feel its warmth and fantastic coziness. Here we are to discuss the most fashionable puffer jackets for this fall and winter. Short Floral Puffer Jacket One of the best advantages about puffer jackets is that they come with any shade, size and design. You can make your choice either between...

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Hairstyle Trends for Long Hair

Women blessed with long and healthy hair always stand out in the crowd with their luxurious femininity. However having just long hair is not enough to impress the crowd. It’s also necessary to learn some beauty hacks and tricks on how to style long locks beautifully. When you discover the most suitable hairstyles for your tresses as well as face shape, you know how to shine with fancy looks. Take a look at this list of the best hairstyle trends for long hair. Headband Braid Let’s start from one of the most popular updo hairstyles for long hair. It’s...

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Plus-Size Dresses for Fall Wedding

Many will agree with the idea that’s it’s not a simple task to find an awesome plus-size dress for wedding. While you may wear different outfits on casual days, you want to look more than attractive on special occasions despite your body shape and size. In order to make your choice of the perfect plus-size dress for fall wedding, here we have collected some of the latest trendy looks. They will inspire you in your upcoming decisions about prom dresses. Puff Sleeve Dress Puff sleeve dresses have the ability to create balance for your body shape. They are chic,...

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