Author: Ester Lavandyan

Best SAG Awards 2019 Celebrity Looks

Any festive event is a great opportunity for a celebrity to draw more attention on their look and style. So, our Hollywood stars do their best to sparkle on the red carpet. While some go for extravagant style solutions others stay elegant with the latest fashion trends. Everyone tries to represent something new, challenging and interesting. Let’s see the best SAG awards celebrity looks. Lady Gaga in Dior Haute Couture Lady Gaga always inspires stylish women with her bold and unique dressing ideas. She stands out with a stunning personal style that carries her inner nature and character. This...

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Skirt Trends 2019

Are you a big fan of the most feminine outfit idea? If yes, then stay with us to discover the latest skirt trends for 2019. Skirts are perhaps the most beautiful dressing ideas for women. They have always been requested in the world of fashion and we can’t imagine women’s fashion without this super feminine type of outfit. Since every year we see new design solutions and style changes for all kinds of outfit trend, this time we’ll focus on the hottest designs of skirts. Leather Skirts So, the fabric truly matters when we talk about skirts. Leather skirts...

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How to Dress if You are a Short Girl

Both short and tall women face some problems when the thing is about fashion. Everyone wants to look stylish but not everyone has the desired body shape and beauty. Today we’ll speak about the most important fashion tips for short women. If this is the main problem you struggle with, then stop for a minute and take a look at our tips. They will help you find the coolest dressing and styling ideas that visually hide your being short. Dressing So, let’s start from dressing ideas you can choose for your height. First of all, do your best to...

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Cozy Winter Hairstyle Ideas

You may think that seasonal changes don’t matter when it comes to hairstyles but the fact is that we choose particular cozy hairdos for this or that season. So, today we’ll discuss some of the most convenient hairstyles for winter. If you have messy, annoying or unruly hair, then stay with us to discover the best hairstyles for the coldest days. All in all you may often wear warm hats, headbands or other hair accessories in winter and you need to match your hairstyles with the chosen fashion items. Side Braid A lovely side braid worn on long hair...

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Tie-Dye Prints for 2019

While animal and floral prints are the most popular in fashion, there is another trendy print idea for the coming year. Tie-dye is the next gorgeous style of designing casual and prom outfits. The best thing about this fashion trend is that it gives you matching opportunities when it comes to color and accessory choice. It’s easier to find suitable accessories when colors are just a few and especially when they come with some contrasts. Let’s see what’s new in the world of tie-dye prints for 2019. Tie-Dye Print for Jumpsuits There is no need to highlight the fact...

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