Author: Feby Basco

Life of Raquel Petit: Founder of Petitkini

Raquel Petit is an Australia based International Fashion Model born of French, Dutch and Indonesian decent. She is part Australian because of her mother and when she was born, she has lived in Gold Coast where she eventually decided to make a name for herself. As a model, changing her blonde hair to brunette, fame has kept her company making her a social media ambassador. She says that her experience is diverse, as she has worked for multiple companies as a Brand Ambassador and Model in Australia nationwide. After tons of experience in the modeling industry, she has earned...

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Fierce, Hot and Gorgeous Rosanna Arkle!

Born in Australia, and growing up in New Zealand, Rosanna Arkle is a one of a kind beauty. The 27 year old model is a social media icon having around 1.2 million likes on Facebook, 400,000 followers on Instagram and 16,000 followers on Twitter. “In life my basic philosophy is to live a healthy, active and positive lifestyle as much of the time as possible. Sure you fall off the wagon from time to time but that’s ok. Through my modelling I have worked out what works for me to stay healthy and look good and this is what...

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Pia Muehlenbeck’s Life of Law and Beauty

Pia Muehlenbeck is a person that surely defines beauty and brains. She is a German who has lived most of her life in Australia where she graduated from the University of Technology. Now a model and social media personality having over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, over 7 thousand subscribers on her Youtube Channel and almost 14 thousand on her Twitter account, Pia continues to be a darling among the social media people. After graduating from Law School, Pia eventually became a lawyer. However, she found her corporate life as a practicing lawyer to be monotonous that she left...

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The Aussie-Swede Model: Britta Lynn Warn

Half Australian and Half Swedish, Britta Lynn Warn is a product made of beauty. With a beautiful face, catching smile and body of a model, she decided to make a name for herself in the industry of glitz and glamour and is currently a Sydney-based swimwear model. Britta started joining modeling competitions in 2012 where she started to have a taste of how it is to be showcasing beauty. She was a Miss Bondi finalist in the same year. With that experience, opportunities started coming to her. In 2013 she was a Maxim ASMY National Finalist. Miss V8 Supercars...

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Kayleigh Douglas: Working Her Way to Fame

Originally from England but now living in Brisbane, Australia, Kayleigh Douglas is a woman filled with beauty, brains and a good heart. Aside from her modeling career, she is a dedicated nurse who is passionate about helping others. She is a health enthusiast as well as an animal lover. Kayleigh’s fame scaled up as she placed second in Maxim’s Australian Swimwear Modeling Contest in 2015. Having over 30 thousand followers on Instagram (@kayleighdouglas), she has become an influential person to others especially to women. Her stunning body is one that women ask for (especially during summer time, maybe). Her...

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