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45 Social Media Stars Share Their Advice on How Make This An Awesome 2018

Do you plan to make 2018 better than 2017? Would you like some inspiration about different areas to focus on? We turned to 45 social media stars and asked them to share their ideas on how to make this an awesome 2018. Annie Lawless After being diagnosed with Celiac disease at a young age after years of suffering from a multitude of symptoms, Annie Lawless learned very quickly the direct correlation between what you put in and on your body to how you look, and, most importantly, how you feel. This revelation led her to delve deeply into the...

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Welcomed Additions to Instagram – Two new features

We’re excited to announce two new features that Instagram launched today and think it would be a great idea for models to take note. Boomerang is now available for Instagram Stories. You can now tag people in your Stories. What does this mean for models? With these two new tools at the helm of any IGModel, you can now publish quick beautiful videos that are entertaining and captivating through IG.  Not only that, you can tag the brand or whomever you want with the post so you can basically invite anyone you want. This will be great for any model that wants to quickly publish something for a brand they desire to work with or are already involved with in a campaign. Some examples that originally came to our mind were fitness videos that could represent fitness gear very nicely. I’m sure Lulu or many other brands would love to see their products being featured with this high quality content. Best of all, you can invite these companies to your video to begin a work discussion if you haven’t worked with them before. We’d LOVE to see you combine these two new features to see what you come up with – be sure to tag us on IG so we can check it out 🙂 Visit the full Instagram...

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The Free Spirited Model Alana Adams

Modeling has nothing to do with race; whether you are black or white. It is all about clinching on the deal that you are worth the catwalk runways a point that has been proven by Alana Adams. She is an Egyptian from Columbia South Carolina. Apparently, she is only 25 years but has been in the Army for about 6 years. Her motto seems to be inclined to simplicity given her simple and easy going looks. However things take a different run when she adorns her army uniform but nevertheless she can still afford a smile. #TBT This was when...

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A Sneak Peak of the independent Model Carly Ramsay

With her 110 pounds, Carly Ramsay has a slim physic but when it comes to fashion the 20 year old freelance model of Caucasian origin adorns an independent class; the urban type. It is probably her unique personality that has earned her a 1-5k followers with a majority of them being from Canada where she resides. The fact that she is currently a student has not pulled her away from protecting her personal style. Her sense of fashion has resulted to a wardrobe overflowing with clothes and accessories. Besides she has been in the retail industry that demands with shoulder...

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Yoga Practices to Keep you Going from Instagram Stars

Instructional videos are some of the resourceful tools that we get to use whenever we are seeking for motivation for Yoga practices. However, whether a beginner or a professional we all at times want a different inspiration that will take us to the next level of practice. Here are various Yoga stars that will help you achieve that: Amanda Bisk @amandabisk Her love affair with Yoga started at the end of 2011 after a couple of failed medical treatments of her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  A little practice of different stretches and postures got her interested and she eventually found...

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