Author: P N Patel

5 tips to build a timeless wardrobe

A timeless wardrobe requires you to carefully curate a nice range of statement pieces. Ranging from an embroidered long silk jacket to an embellished halter, there are a lot of silhouettes that not only look good anytime of the day, but also exude luxury. You need to prepare your wardrobe for every situation, whether it is an important meeting or a night out with friends. Do not wait until the last minute to prep up your wardrobe. Make it so that you can just grab something and go wherever you want to. So, let us look at some of...

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What does your handbag says about you?

A great bag not only accentuates your outfit, but also tells the fashion type you love to follow. Different women like different types of handbags. Moreover, what they have to carry in their handbag also dictates the type of handbag women buy. The way you carry your bag reveals a lot about your personality. It tells whether you are carefree, practical, show-off, or very relaxed. So, let us have a look at how the way you carry your handbag on a daily basis reveals about your personality. On the shoulder If you carry your bag on the shoulder, then...

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4 innovative ideas to recycle your high-end outfits

If you are a fashionista and like to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, then it is most certain that you would often buy high-end outfits for yourself. Since, some fashion styles change after a few months, you may see that your expensive apparels may become useless after sometime, even when you have not worn them much. This leaves you with lots of expensive attires that you do not want to wear now, just because they are out of fashion now. So, what can you do in such a case? Should you throw away your high-end outfits or...

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Top trends that were a hit in 2016

Although, the year 2016 has finished, there are many fashion styles that continue in the New Year. 2016 was a year full of new fashion trends, with a mix of high fashion, street wear, and boots. So, let us have a look at the biggest fashion crazes and fads of the previous year. Bardot tops Breezy bardot tops were a rage in 2016. Almost every fashionable lady wore it. They ruled the year 2016. These tops are fluffy, comfortable, and light to wear. They were one of the biggest fashion trends of 2016. However, since they have been worn...

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