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Get to Know our Inspiring and Inspired Dreamer, Madison Eifert

The field of fashion and modeling is constantly on the lookout for young and fierce young ladies who has great potential. Well then, talent scouts should look no further because the beautiful Madison Eifert is here to capture hearts and build productive relationships with brands and consumers! At quite a young age, this 15-year-old is already gifted with hard-working values. She is not afraid to work hard to make her dreams come true. Of course, with her angelic face and blond hair, she also has the necessary attributes that make her bode well as an online influencer. Do not...

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Go Gaga over the Great Jasmin Yousefipour

Some girls are just meant to become models, and one look at stunner Jasmin Yousefipour will prove that she is one of these lucky few! As a matter of fact, this young lady has done numerous professional projects and engagements in the past. Now, her eyes are set on making her dream of being an online influencer come true! This 21-year-old young lady has the foundations of being a great online ambassador. For one, she has a solid online following that she can share with brands that will choose to work with her. Like other girly girls, she also...

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Tess Bell’s Beauty

Tess Bell is a young adventurous spirit who dreams big. She’s 20 years old and enjoys modeling and testing new products to share with her growing number of Instagram followers. An experienced makeup artist and a self-proclaimed bad dancer, Tess entertains everyone with her bubbly personality. Well behaved women rarely make history A post shared by Tess Bell (@tessbell) on Apr 5, 2017 at 5:04pm PDT Based in LA, Tess is privileged to try out new products and feature it on her Instagram page.  She brings something unique to the table as a model as she can work do...

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Shifting Beauties, Nicole Williams

No one will notice that Nicole is actually new in modeling with the quality of professional photos on her Instagram. A makeup artist for more than 4 years, she accomplishes every level of beauty on her. She is excellent at what she does, a master in makeup and in natural beauty. Nicole is 31 years old doesn’t need extra hands to correct her makeup which gives her an edge over other models. Her photos reflect how well she knows her work and it also gives her an advantage having a professional and creative access in the makeup industry.  She...

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Talk to your Consumers with the Passionate Cherrise Tate

Making real connections on the online sphere can be quite challenging, especially for brands. Today’s modern consumer is discerning when it comes to interacting with online content. This makes online relationship-building a big pitfall for brands who do not have solid online presence. This is where online ambassadors and influencers step in. They are individuals who have the knack to be both inspiring and relatable. While they are far from being full-pledged celebrities, they have the power to influence the audience and to build relationships between the market and their partner brands. Cherisse Tate fits this mold perfectly. One...

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