Author: S. Maya

Brilliance in Lifestyle with Yoga and Claire Fountain

Yoga star hitting Instagram bringing exciting poses and without any quotes or show-offs, just a simple girl with horn rimmed glasses and long dark hair that moves as she makes yoga more thrilling to watch. The Queen of Splits and Yoga The Splits are more than just a stretch, here Claire introduces us to a perfect guide how to do The Splits and achieve maximum splits results. The Splits is an element that can easily cause an injury for not doing it correctly. In this category, Claire explains how to be successful in making splits, defining the inner things,...

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Hottest Models on Instagram

Being a model is also being hot and charming in the eyes of the audience and because it is hard to choose between models, I had the chance to look at a few and choose models with different beauty and body shapes. Mckayla Maroney (mckaylamaroney) McKayla Maroney not competitive and retired maybe from her professional career but her beauty does not say the same. After a few implants and artistic body, she brings stormy attention with every defiant and yet more provocative pictures on her Instagram. I feel surprises are yet to come. Allison Bishop (AllisonNYC) Allison Bishop a...

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