Author: M. Diaz

Mistakes to Avoid when Taking your #OOTDs

All models and influencers should take special care in taking #OOTDs and posting them on Instagram. After all, since being an online ambassador entails maintaining a certain image, you have to see to it that you only post the best outfit photos that will make your followers do the double tap! There are simple tips that you can do to ensure that your photos will stand out every single time. With these simple tricks, you should be able to avoid the most common outfit fails and impress your followers with every post. Wearing the Wrong Underwear Most of the...

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Window to your World: Use your IG Account to Promote your Hometown

As you become a bigger online influencer, there is no doubt that your followers would want to know more and more about your life. One great way to be more relatable to your online audience is to give them a sneak peek into the world that you live in. Giving your followers a tour of your home and your hometown will give you tons of amazing content. You can do so using photos and videos! Just follow these simple tips! Start Somewhere Intimate When it comes to giving your audience a tour of where you live, it will be...

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Zen Up your Life: Simple Lifestyle Tips to Be More Zen

There are different kinds of brand ambassadors and models online, but most of them share one thing in common: they are comfortable enough with their lives that they can confidently share snippets of their days online. Being a public figure entails so much more than sharing the products that you use. For you to be a relatable figure, you need to let your followers see who you are and share content that will make them feel as if they know you personally. Here are some tips that you may use to declutter your life and fill it with a...

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Double Tap That: Get More Likes with these Insta-Tips

All brand ambassadors and online models know that engagement is gold in Instagram language. In addition to growing your followers, you also need to make sure that you post high-quality content that will get likes from your audience. When it comes to posting content that will elicit reaction, you need to carefully plan your posts and make sure that you know your audience well enough to know what kinds of content will appeal to them. Here are a few tips to get you started. Caption with a Question Photo captions are important because they tell your followers about your...

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Never Too Late: Effective Fitness Motivation Tips to Make 2017 your Fittest Year Yet

Personal fitness plays a big role in maintaining the right physique to become a successful model and ambassador. However, when it comes to getting up and working out every day, not everyone has the motivation to do it. If you find yourself in this dilemma, then read up and learn about little tips that you can use to get yourself more excited about the thought of hitting the gym! With these tiny secrets, you will surely be able to make 2017 your fittest and most fabulous year. Appreciate What You Have The best thing about being an online model...

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