Author: M. Diaz

Tips to Take Drool-Worthy Foodporn Pics

If there is one thing that people will not ever get tired of, it’s seeing photos after photos of mouthwatering food. As you build your reputation as an online ambassador, you need to play by your followers’ love for #foodporn and give them a peak of the gastronomical treats that you indulge on. Here are some tips that you may use to take better food shots that will help you attract new followers. Go through the following suggestions and use them the next time that you try out the newest restaurant in town. ADD A HUMAN ELEMENT It will...

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Tips for Aspiring Fitness Influencers and Online Models

If there is one thing that fitness influencers, online models, and brand ambassadors have in common, it is the fact that they have fit and toned bodies that give their followers #bodygoals. Being a model requires you to remain in tip-top shape all the time.  One way through which you can accomplish this is by taking the necessary steps to speed up your metabolism.  Here are some simple yet effective tips through which you can trick your body to perform better and to get fit faster.  With simple lifestyle adjustments, you will be able to tune up and slim...

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Social Media Tactics to Boost Engagement

When it comes to being an online model and ambassador, engagement is the name of the game. You need to constantly launch creative and interesting content that will make them want to double tap, leave a comment, or even share your photo or your video. Getting favorable response from your followers will establish your reputation as a must-follow influencer and a powerful brand ambassador. For this reason, you should seriously consider using the following tactics in order to boost and maximize the amount of engagement that you will enjoy from every post that you launch. With these simple adjustments,...

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Awesome Tips for Slimmer and Sexier Selfies

No matter how many hours you spend in the gym and no matter how closely you watch the food that you eat, there is no surefire way for you to ensure that all the work will reflect on the most important part of your body: your face. There are just days when you would feel bloated and puffy, and this will surely reflect on your selfies. Fortunately, there are different tips that you can use in order to contour your face and to get a more polished look for your Instagram photos. Here are some of the most awesome...

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Quick Tips for Online Models to End the Year with a Bang

We are two months away from the end of the month. How are your online engagement goals going? Are you on your way to making 2017 your hippest year yet? If you aren’t, then do not fret. With the right tips and tricks, you can maximize the remaining months of 2017 and use it to get the numbers in! Here are simple yet very effective tips that online models and ambassadors may use to better reach out to their target audience and amp up their Instagram engagement. Use them to recraft your engagement plan and to get results that...

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