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Get into Music and Modeling with Brenda Rauniste

Being an online ambassador does not simply rely on having good looks. For someone to strike it big as an online model, she needs to have a wide variety of interests that will make her relatable to the online audience. With her love for music, Brenda Rauniste is more than just a pretty face. While currently working as an assistant, her bigger goal is to be known for her songs and for her modelling projects. She fell in love with music and runways when she was little, watching music videos and seeing models walk in high heels and wearing...

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Hack your Way to Success: Instagram Hacks for Personal Branding

By now, you may already be familiar on how you can use imaging platforms like Instagram to boost your modeling career and to find partner for whom you can work as online ambassadors. However, are you a hundred percent sure that you are maximizing this platform to its full potential? Turns out, Instagram has a ton of not-so-known features that you can use to better manage your account and to use it to boost your online influence. Here are some tricks that you can use to hack your efforts for maximum online branding. Get Notified about Influencer Posts As...

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It’s All about the Hair: Top Summer-Ready Hairstyles for Instantly Cool Looks

As the weather gets hotter, there is no doubt that you are looking for the freshest hairstyles that will keep you cool even during the hottest days. While there is nothing wrong with going with your trusted blowout, summertime is the season to play around with fun looks! Here are some trendy and easy hairstyles that you may use to complete your summer look. Try out the following trends and give your followers serious #hairgoals! Top it Up with a Knot The top knot has gathered immense popularity and for good reasons! It is a simple hairstyle that can...

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Photo Styling 101 – Tips to Style Better Photos

Beautiful photos do not come accidentally. For you to be able to maintain a beautiful Instagram feed that tells a cohesive story, you would need to place much thought into styling your photos before you shoot them. The thought of planning out every single photograph that you take may seem a little daunting, especially for casual photographers and novice models. However, if you would begin now, you are also beginning the process of building a feed that will definitely capture the attention of brand scouts. Add Life to your Images   When it comes to shooting photos that will...

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