Author: M. Diaz

The Outgoing Model and Dancer Yesenia Cantu

The first things that you’ll notice about Yesenia Cantu are her eyes. She has a smoldering gaze that speaks to you and draws you in. Then you will notice her angelic face that lights up when she smiles. Her beautiful facial features perfectly complements her vivacious body — one that a million girls will die for. But there is more to Yesenia than what meets the eye. While the modeling world places much importance on the looks, being an Instagram model requires heaps of personality that makes someone an engaging online and social media personality. Yesenia Cantu has that,...

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Natalie Juckett: Honor Student, Equestrian, and Model

With her blonde hair and her hazel eyes, Natalie Juckett has the makings of a successful model. She has a thin and lithe frame that is highly adaptable for these kinds of modeling campaigns, and she has a spirited go-getter attitude that makes her a great candidate for brand scouts. This young woman lists art, hair, fitness, photography, music, sports, and travelling as her major modeling categories; and it is pretty easy to see how she can bring success for campaigns under this spectrum. Hollister, American Eagle, and Cover Girl are her favorite clothing and beauty brands. At a...

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Rasmus Joergensen: Tell us about your Self(ie)

With modeling, the younger you are, the better chances you have of striking it big. Rasmus Joergensen has such promise; and at such a young age, he is every brand’s dream. Do not let his age fool you. While he is only 15 years old, this young man already towers at 6’1’’. Weighing in at 160 pounds, Rasmus surely has the physique that makes him a potentially awesome ambassador and spokesmodel for brands who want to reach out to their market online. Rasmus Joergensen from Denmark also has the looks that make him stand out from the crowd and...

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Yasmine Ghandour: Young, Blonde, and Beautiful

At a young age, no on is expected to know what they want to do in life. This is not the case with the beautiful Yasmine Ghandour. While she is only 18 years old, Yasmine has a keen sense of personality and style. She also has her eyes set on what could be a long-term and exciting life as a model. This blonde Lebanese beauty has an athletic body type that is just the right fit for her major modeling category influences, which happen to be fashion, health, luxury, and travel. Standing at 5’4’’ in height and weighing around...

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Empower your Brands with the Captivating Ciarah Cange

It’s not everyday that you come across a beautiful woman that captures your attention and makes it hard to look away. Ciarah Cange has the right combination of looks and attitude that make her such a captivating model and spokesperson. With her charming aura and her go-getter attitude, Ciara is a woman that makes people stop and take notice; and this makes her an ideal model for brands. Ciara is well on her way to setting the modeling world on fire. She has a never-say-no attitude that keeps her motivated and on the go! Despite having her fair share...

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