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How Freelancers Should Take Time Off: Tips and Tricks

Many people think that freelancers can take time off whenever they wish. That is actually not quite true. With time and technology, you try to organize yourself the best, to finish all the work for yourself and your clients, and to take some time off for yourself as well. Freelancers’ hours are variable so you can organize each and every day the same. And while traditional workers have their time off determined in advance, freelancers must organize for themselves. Write an honest letter to your clients, inform them you are taking some time off, mostly to release from stress....

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5 Workout Motivation Tricks to Embrace

The hardest part of a workout is not the training itself. No, it is resisting the urge to postpone it, to snooze that alarm button, and to avoid working out. Sometimes your best intentions won’t be enough – preparing your sneakers or gym bag and setting the alarm just won’t do the job every time. The fact is that not every day is the fitness day. When you accept it, you will learn how to be not so hard on yourself. However, if you are skipping your training, it is possible that you won’t get back to it again....

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6 Easy Ways to Boost your Confidence

How you feel about yourself can greatly influence everything else you do in life. If you feel confident about yourself, you easily talk with others and tend to see yourself in a positive light only. However, there are people who don’t feel confident enough or at all, and that can affect their lives. Your shyness can withdraw you away from many job opportunities, while anxiety can drag you away from connecting with new people. That is why you should do anything to boost your confidence. Trust us, there are some pretty easy ways on how you can boost your...

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How to Build a Perfect Wardrobe in 2019

Sometimes, the perfect wardrobe of your favorite blogger can mislead you to believe that you need a load of clothes to look good. That is absolutely not true, and we are here to prove that. Building a perfect wardrobe means finding pieces that you can wear all the time. Foundation staples are everywhere, you just have to choose which of them suit your style. With a good wardrobe, you can dress easily and with less effort. You don’t have to hate mornings, hours in front of your mirror and choosing what suits you the best. If you choose to...

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6 Podcasts You Need to Listen in 2019

Do you listen to podcasts? Do you even know what they are? If you are nodding, don’t worry. On the first listening, you will become a huge fan. Podcasts roots date back to the 1980s. They had a real comeback we can say! Diverse shows are now available. They are covered by amateurs or professionals. Some topics are serious, political, while the others are great for those who like to relax and enjoy in their bus or metro ride. Naturally, the fashion industry got caught on podcasts. If you like to follow news and controversies from fashion, beauty, and...

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