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How to Make your Planner Works For You

It’s never too late to start planning and achieving your goals. Think about your New Year’s resolutions and how to make your dreams come true. The only thing you will need to sort all of your daily activities, goals, and obligations is a perfect planner. For all of you out there who find it hard to organize and fulfill all your plans, there is no better solution than getting yourself a right planner or even notebook to make a bullet journal. Here are some of the best tricks that will help you make your planner works for you. Color...

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Fendi Baguette Bag is Making its Return

When I think about baguette bag, first thing popping right in front of my eyes is the scene from Sex and the City, Carrie in her red V-neck top, stacked gold necklaces with Fendi baguette bag under her arm. I guess we can also talk about that unfortunate scene when Samantha lost her Fendi bag as well. Remember? Until this year, all these outfits along with the baguette bag were buried in ‘90s archives. However, Fendi decided it the right time to bring back this bag and make it popular again. Instagram has just exploded under the number of...

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How to Use Friday Like Successful Women

Since Monday morning we all look forward how to use Friday. And that is absolutely normal unless you really love your work. Usually what all people have in mind about Friday is that they should spend it daydreaming about the upcoming weekend. And that is where they make a huge mistake. If you want to learn how to use Friday for wrapping up things, and preparing again for yet another Monday morning, then check out these successful women pieces of advice. Friday = Monday As soon as you remember that Friday is just another working day, the easier you...

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Winter Outfits and Accessories: Elevate your Looks

With February on our doorsteps, we kinda wish winter to end. Dealing with winter outfits can become boring, and we totally get it. Eventually, you end up wearing your cozy, warm knits, with a few layers of wardrobe. But the question is – how to elevate your looks without spending so much money on buying new stuff? We got the answer – use your accessories. It might sound pretty simple, but that is just the way it is. Whether it is a belt or a statement bag, you can always count on these accessories to upgrade your winter outfits....

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How to Repair Your Skin During The Night

The body enters the reboot phase every night when you sleep. It repairs the damage on your muscles, digestive system, and your skin. And while you should have your daily skincare routines, the night ones are far more important. You should learn some tricks that can repair your skin during the night. From your pillowcase to your night skincare routine – everything counts. These are some of the tested and proven tips that will repair your skin during the night.    Cleansing Before Bed is Obligatory Cleansing before you go to sleep should be one of your main habits....

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