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How to Repair Your Skin During The Night

The body enters the reboot phase every night when you sleep. It repairs the damage on your muscles, digestive system, and your skin. And while you should have your daily skincare routines, the night ones are far more important. You should learn some tricks that can repair your skin during the night. From your pillowcase to your night skincare routine – everything counts. These are some of the tested and proven tips that will repair your skin during the night.    Cleansing Before Bed is Obligatory Cleansing before you go to sleep should be one of your main habits....

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Capsule Wardrobe: Cashmere Sweater

I don’t know about you, but lately, I am completely into transforming my wardrobe into a capsule one. That means having necessary and basic items that I can wear every day without spending (so) much money. A capsule wardrobe is an amazing way to re-organize and declutter your closet. You can also let yourself invest in some good quality pieces. Such as cashmere sweater. In the winter season, my favorite item becomes a sweater. I wear it with jeans, skirts, pants, and even leggings if I am too lazy for anything else. The most important thing – cashmere sweaters...

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The Best Apps to Keep You Organized

Let’s talk about organization and success. It’s the best time for it – January is not even over yet, so it is not too late to find out the best apps to keep you organized. I don’t know about you but I can’t leave without a planner and a few apps that I keep close in my smartphone. They keep me not only organized but calm as well. I write down all my wishes, deadlines, books I read/want to read, recommendations I have got, etc. Otherwise, I couldn’t remember all the stuff. Sometimes I feel my head is just...

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How Freelancers Should Take Time Off: Tips and Tricks

Many people think that freelancers can take time off whenever they wish. That is actually not quite true. With time and technology, you try to organize yourself the best, to finish all the work for yourself and your clients, and to take some time off for yourself as well. Freelancers’ hours are variable so you can organize each and every day the same. And while traditional workers have their time off determined in advance, freelancers must organize for themselves. Write an honest letter to your clients, inform them you are taking some time off, mostly to release from stress....

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5 Workout Motivation Tricks to Embrace

The hardest part of a workout is not the training itself. No, it is resisting the urge to postpone it, to snooze that alarm button, and to avoid working out. Sometimes your best intentions won’t be enough – preparing your sneakers or gym bag and setting the alarm just won’t do the job every time. The fact is that not every day is the fitness day. When you accept it, you will learn how to be not so hard on yourself. However, if you are skipping your training, it is possible that you won’t get back to it again....

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