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8 Jackets that Will Never Go Out of Style: Fall Preparings

With fall just around the corner, it is the right time to start thinking about jackets again. With the unstable weather that we have all experienced this summer, I can’t wait to hoop into some of my favorite jackets this fall. From some classy models to others that are coming up this fall into the stores, there is definitely plenty of choices for us. When it comes to jackets you should always listen that old one – classic is eternal. That is why, you should invest in some good piece(s), instead of buying only the trendy ones. Let’s have...

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The Best Ways to Style Mules: Style Guide

When you are not into open-toe sandals or flip-flops, then don’t hesitate to try the shoes that became popular in a very short time. Mules are the new obsession for many girls now, so I have decided to show you how you can style them as well. On the street style stars, you could see mules as a part of many different combinations. Some girls like to wear them in a classy, casual way, while the others break the boundaries with mixing unpairable. There are a variety of materials that the mules are made of. Satin and pastel palette...

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Fall Winter 2018 Fashion: Trends you Should Know

Accepted or not, fall is almost here. Trends that are predicted for fall winter 2018 fashion are already shown on the fashion week in February, so now is the right time to check them out. Wondering what the biggest trends are? Well, most of them have a retro, vintage twist. A brown shade like our moms were wearing back in the ‘70s, or slouchy boots are just some of the comeback items that all the fashion girls accepted with their hands wide open. Along with these items, many others are wearable and realistic. Pastel blue, checkered suits, and many...

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The Bag Of the Moment: Dior Saddle Bag

Whether you are ready or not, the 2000s are back! Carrie Bradshaw favorite it-bag was the last accessory to come back to the scene – Dior has returned the lovely Saddle bag for the season Fall-Winter ‘18. And guess what – it was spotted on many bloggers and influencers! Not many bags has influenced a period of time as the Dior Saddle bag. It first appeared as a part of Spring-Summer 2000 collection, designed by fascinating John Galliano.   “I consider this icon of the House’s recent history the perfect accessory to deal with this battle that is daily...

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