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4th of July Outfit Ideas: Style Guide

You might think summer is not really here yet, but look it’s almost 4th of July! The celebration of the Independence day is very popular, and it is a wonderful opportunity for you to show off your patriotic/chic outfit ideas. Shades of blue, red, and white along with stripes and stars print are definitely dominant, but there are also other patterns and colors that you can combine. I have turned out to some of the street style stars to find out which are the best 4th of July outfits that you can wear – feeling comfy and chic is...

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Trendy Accessories You Will Need This Summer

Now when summer is officially here we can talk about the trendy accessories you will need this summer. Most of these items were first seen on Instagram feeds of chic girls. Summer sales are on, and you know what that means! You should definitely check out our list of trendy accessories and go to find them! It is never too late to start wearing cat-eye sunglasses or slides. We have turned to some of our favorite Instagram girls and made this list just for you! Keep scrolling to see which are the accessories you will need to have this...

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How to Add Safari Vibe to Your Summer Outfits

Making your outfits interesting in summer is not so hard. There are plenty of items that you can mix and patterns that you can combine. However, this year everybody from fashion industry was talking about famous safari style. Olive green, khaki and brown are the earth tones that describe this style the best possible way, so it is no surprise that they are very dominating this season. The question we will solve in this post is how to add safari vibe to your summer outfits. Trust me, your looks will appear fabulous, and you will be ready for all...

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