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6 Ways to Detox Your Body and Mind This Fall

Even though summer isn’t officially over – at least not until September 22, nevertheless, you can feel the presence of fall in the air. Lazy summer days are over for those who started school a few days ago and for those who feel like partying season is definitely done for one year. Just because of many barbeques, pool, sea parties, and drinking you should start thinking about detox. Not even detoxing your body only – your mind should be part of this too. Here are some simple, yet very effective ways on how you can detox your body and...

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Fashion Trends Princess Diana Predicted Long Time Ago

It might sound that the tragic story of Princess Diana is like a tale, but her style is anything but outdated. She is not only one of the most famous women on the planet, but also her outfits made her unforgettable. The fashion of the ‘80s and ‘90s are mostly inspired by her impeccable looks and chic-preppy style. Even before social media was invented, Lady Di was a real influencer. Not only in fashion but as well for her royal yet a normal lifestyle. Back in the time when she was married to Prince Charles, she was usually seen...

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Face Serums: All you Need to Know About Them

If you are thinking about upgrading your skin care routine, it is not a bad idea to start thinking about face serums. But, what on Earth serums are? Don’t worry, I have answers to all your questions. Make sure your morning and evening skin care routine are complete and make your skin look and feel perfect.   What is Serum? “Serums are light, water-based liquids that deliver a large dose of ingredients into your skin.” You can apply face serums before your moisturizer, and after toner, essence or mist. It delivers a great dose of ingredients into your skin....

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How to Style Corduroy Pieces This Fall: Style Guide

Along with all the trends, and fashion weeks there are some things that are eternal. There is one trend that is absolutely unavoidable for the fall – corduroy. But, is it new? Or it was here all the time? I remember myself wearing corduroy jackets and pants in elementary school. I have to admit I didn’t like it then, but my mom insisted. I guess, she always knew better. Cords have been present on almost all fashion weeks this year. From Miuccia Prada to Isabel Marant, everyone has accepted corduroy as something that is the must-have for fall. If...

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Facial Essence: Why Korean Women Love It

According to Charlotte Cho, the co-founder of K-beauty retailer, “Essences are the heart of Korean skin-care routines”. They shouldn’t be confused with serums. Facial essence has lightweight, watery, and quick-absorbing texture. But still, do you really need it? Is it an unnecessary step that you should or shouldn’t include in your every day skin-routine? “Essences are the heart of Korean skin-care routines. They shouldn’t be confused with serums” What is Facial Essence? The lightweight hydrating liquid product that is designed to prepare your skin for serum or moisturizer is called facial essence. It goes after the toner, and before...

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