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6 Summer Items Every Stylish Girl Need

Summer is a time of year when less is actually better than more. If we talk about the garments that you will need in summer, beauty products or accessories it all comes to one – it is the best to have something chic and classy to wear, comfortable and appropriate for every combination than to change something every day. Light makeup and even lighter wardrobe are in my opinion all that you will need when temperatures hit really high. That is I have gathered around 8 summer items every stylish girl need. If you decide to scroll down, you...

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How to Become Confident Woman: 5 Habits

If you take a look around, you find many girls smiling and looking you at the eyes. Even on a rainy day, they are walking effortlessly and so leisure. What is the secret? They are confident, have a high opinion of themselves and most of all they have a feeling of self-love. Even on those days when world show them that they are not loved, they show everybody that it is otherwise. You can find these girls everywhere. And if you were wondering how to become a confident woman, I have prepared a few tips for you.   Don’t...

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Channel Your Inner French with Lovely Straw Bags

There is no better item for summer that a straw bag. From baskets to woven wicker, no fashion girl can resist not to wear this summer accessory. Straw bags made a comeback last year. Instagram was full of models, influencers, and bloggers wearing this warm-weather accessory. Whether you are in the city jungle or at the seaside, wearing this bag will make you super chic. Not to mention that this bag is one of the pillars of French style. If you like their style and sense of fashion, make sure to scroll down. Black Culottes Culottes are an amazing...

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6 Chic Accessories Every Girl Should Have

Every stylish girl knows that accessories are keys to transform your outfits from usual and average to fantastic and extraordinary. However, these accessories don’t have to be statement-makers. You don’t need to have massive and expensive pieces of jewelry in order to make your outfits look luxurious and chic. If your wardrobe is grounded on essential staples (remember French girls rules?), then you know that even minimalistic and simple jewelry can make a big change. I will show you 6 chic accessories every girl should have. From bags to rings and necklaces, there some items that will never be...

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