No matter how many hours you spend in the gym and no matter how closely you watch the food that you eat, there is no surefire way for you to ensure that all the work will reflect on the most important part of your body: your face. There are just days when you would feel bloated and puffy, and this will surely reflect on your selfies. Fortunately, there are different tips that you can use in order to contour your face and to get a more polished look for your Instagram photos. Here are some of the most awesome and hush-hush secrets that even the world’s top models swear by.

Play with Shadows

A quick look through your Explore feed will allow you to see the power of perfect contouring. As a matter of fact, contouring has become one of the top influencers’ go-to beauty secrets! All that you need to do is to invest on a high-quality bronzer that will give you just the right amount of glow and help you thin out your more prominent facial features. Use this slightly darker shade to add dimensions to your face and to create shadows near your target areas. Finish it off with a great setting spray to ensure that your look will remain polished throughout the day.

Sport the Right Haircut

Different kinds and lengths of haircut fit different facial shapes and features. If you want to draw the attention away from your problem areas and if you want to slim down your face a bit, then you have to find the best style that will help you accomplish these goals. As a general rule, you should avoid going for haircuts that are too short for you, mainly because they tend to make even the thinnest faces look a little bigger than they actually are. Strategically placed layers that will frame your face and cover the right parts will surely help you polish your look to achieve better selfies.

Find your Best Hair Color

In addition to being more mindful when it comes to choosing the style in which you would do your hair, you also have to make sure that you choose the best possible hair color as well. Darker shades and colors tend to help slim down the face and to create a more polished silhouette. You should also consider getting the help of your hairdresser in applying highlight and lowlights that will add just the right amount of texture to your mane.

Invest on Slimming Accessories

Since selfies tend to focus mainly on the face, you have to find the right pieces of accessories that will help you add more dimension to your photos. In general, necklaces and earrings that point downwards help create the illusion of length. Thus, they help slim down the face and trim down problem areas like the cheeks and the chin. You can also use headpieces to add height your hair, to create a slimmer shape and form. A printed headscarf or a beautiful hat will surely do the trick!