As an online model and brand ambassador, you have to make sure that you keep your eyes peeled for perfect photo opportunities that you may use to post great content on your Instagram feed. In addition to this, you also have to see to it that you always look fresh and photo-ready! The secret lies in having the right things inside you go bag, ready to be whipped out and used at a moment’s notice. Here are some tips that you may use to put together the perfect everyday arsenal.

Fresh Face Forward

There is nothing that registers worse in photos than an oily and greasy skin. For this reason, you have to make sure that you have the right implements that will help you keep the oiliness at bay. A great compact will surely do the trick, but there is no reason for you to have to keep whipping out your foundation every chance that you get. For minimal touch ups, oil blotters and face mists will surely do the trick; so make sure that you have them with you all the time.

Perfect your Look with a Palette

As you go around town, it will be a hassle for you if you lug around a full make-up kit all the time. You should really look for a make-up palette that will give you cheek and lip options that will go well with any kind of look! A palette will be so easy to fit into your bag and to bring out to use when you need it. It will also give you tons of options of options to choose from in case of emergencies.

Make Sure that you Smell Nice

While smelling great will not register on your photo, it will put you in the right head space and will make you feel more confident. Spraying on your favorite scent will instantly place you in model mode and will help you project better for your photos. It will always be nice to smell great for the people that you meet outside too; so make sure that you have a small bottle of your favorite perfume in your bag and that you bring it with you wherever you go.

Cozy Up in a Cover-Up

While you surely plan out your outfits ahead of time, there is nothing wrong with bringing an extra cover-up when you go out. This way, you will have an option to change your outfit or to play around with your look in order match your outfit with your surroundings. Having an extra piece of clothing will also allow you to play around with the photos that you are going to take! One that is made out of a thin material will hardly take up any space in your bag.