When it comes to being an online model, it is not enough that one survives on looks alone. In order to keep one’s followers engages and interested, a heap load of personality or humor is a necessity. Beatrice Cruz ranks pretty high on both fronts, and these characteristics make her a viable candidate to be a huge success.

I hope this photos LIGHT UP your Christmas! – Beatrice Cruz

This twenty-year-old has an exotic look that sets her apart from other online ambassadors. Without a doubt, Beatrice is not like any model that you will come across. Her smooth complexion is enviable and her features come together to form one of the prettiest faces that one would lay eyes on. One look and followers are captivated, which is probably why she has managed to gather a whopping number of fans on Instagram.

It is also impossible to pin Beatrice’s style to a certain look. Being a self-confessed chameleon, this young woman likes dressing up in different fashion. In addition to this, she also does her hair and her make-up in various styles! One look at her IG account is all that anybody needs in order to get a dose of her versatility.

What her friends and followers love about Beatrice Cruz are her funny and witty photo captions. Unlike other up and coming models who focus mainly on posting beautiful photos, Beatrice also puts in effort into crafting puns that show off her personality and humor. Scrolling through her Instagram posts is surely a treat, because you will not only be looking at a pretty girl. You will also find yourself chuckling on well though-out zingers!

Beatrice Cruz has the looks and personality that come together to create an insatiable appeal. Work with her by visiting her IGModel Search profile and her IG feed.