Some say that being somewhere sunny has a way of influencing one’s personality. It is no coincidence that people who surf and lounge around on the beach a lot are also those who have sunny dispositions and a positive take on life. Kayla Jones is one of these people.

Being a bona fide lover of sand and the sun, she has a bright personality that is very much apparent in every single one of the photos that she posts online. She has a personality that is as bright as the rays of the sun; and one that is surely a plus for those who want to endorse products online.

A little bit of sun never hurt anyone. – Kayla Jones

One look at her delicate features and hot and toned body is anyone to set Kayla aside as a toke beach blond. However, anybody who does this is surely missing out on the opportunity to work with an outstanding young woman.

While she may have an outgoing and relaxed personality, Kayla is surely a hard worker who has the necessary influence to boost a brand’s online presence. She also has a sweet and cute personality that makes her an endearing figure for her online followers and for those who know her in real life.

Find me where the music meets the ocean. Kayla Jones

To say that Kayla Jones is stunning is an understatement. She has a svelte body that looks great in any kind of clothes, especially little bikinis. She also has delicate features that come together to form an overall look that is more than pretty. Of course, much like a true beach babe, she has long blond hair that ties her whole look together.

Kayla jones has the looks and the personality to boost virtually any kind of brand. Her looks and features make her a great candidate for make-up and beauty campaigns. Her body is a great fit for fashions brands. Needless to say, her personality will surely fit any kind of lifestyle and athletic campaigns to T.

Kayla surely has an appeal that cannot be faked; and one that will surely give online campaigns a boost. Work with her and visit her IGModel Search profile and her Instagram feed.