A traveler and joy maker, Sara McDonald is spreading her sexiness all over the globe. The type of travel guide that you would like to have on tour. Not only she has a photography talent, she is the good looking gorgeous model whose body and face fits almost every magazine picture. Fun and exciting characteristics, Sara travels all across America and also in other countries and takes amazing looking photos, no wonder why she would like to start a model career.

 She looks amazing in almost everything and has this charm every man would fall for. She doesn’t need some to tell her that she looks amazing in almost everything, and she really doesn’t need to wear something sexy at all. She belongs to the group of models that have a natural talent for the job, that are natural in their pics on Instagram and have natural seduction while looking at them.

She holds a lot of potentials and she can also manage to be her own boss in modeling according to her Instagram pics. She even looks good with duck face! Most of the viewers are more attracted to models that have natural talents and looks rather than those who are ‘plastic soldiers’ and also when checking up their Instagram profile they would definitely want to see their favorite model posing in different kinds of styles and be of different kinds of corners of this world and be different than the ones that are locked in their room and taking pics in front of the mirror or in the bathroom. Also ‘having fun’ in clubs and discos is also very annoying and their face looks just ridiculous. Sara is really interesting, posing in normal rate, wearing everyday and normal clothes and also looks more normal than the most of the models do.