Without a doubt, there are different products that you use to dress up every day and to create a fresher and prettier look for your followers. There is also no doubt that you need to do multiple touch ups throughout the whole day, especially during summer.
What products do you need to consistently have in your beauty bag and how do you use them to maintain the right image for your online and real world followers and fans? How do you streamline your bag to avoid lugging too many things around? Read on and find out!

Conceal, Protect, and Moisturize 

Any model would know that a good skin and perfect complexion is, literally, the foundation of a great look. However, it will be hard to bring little bottles of concealer, moisturizer, and sun block everywhere you go, wouldn’t it?

To avoid carrying too many things around, you should look for a multipurpose cream that will perform all these functions. This should not be too hard to do, since majority of the liquid foundations that you will find in stores already offer all these benefits in one compact bottle!

Refresh with Some Tint 

Having a nice little flush on your skin will automatically give your face a brighter look; and having some color on your lips will make you look more put together and polished. However, how do you maintain this without having to bring a beauty bag that is as big as your handbag?

The answer is pretty simple: Look for 2-in-1 lip and cheek tints! These are products that you may use in different parts of your face, thus making it a one-stop solution for your beauty woes. They are pretty lightweight too, thereby giving you a fresh look without the sticky feeling!

Tame your Mane

No matter how perfect your make-up looks, you will not achieve a put-together image if your tresses are a mess! For this reason, you should always make sure that you have a bunch of your trusted ponytail holders and hair pins in your beauty bag. Also have a bottle of hair vitamins on hand, so that you will be able to tame those baby hair famous for sticking up.

Spray on Some Scent 

With your looks taken care of, it’s time that you get to smell as good as you look. Place some drops of your favorite fragrance on your pulse points to make sure that you smell as fresh as possible. There are traveler bottles that you can use to transfer your perfume so that you won’t need to bring the whole bottle with you. Just make sure that you bring the same perfume as the one that you used in the morning to avoid mixing scents.