Beauty trends change in the same way that people’s tastes change. As an online model, you will consistently come across the challenge of keeping up with these trends and sharing them to your followers. Here are some of the season’s hottest trends that you can try for your next content.  With these ideas, you will be able to share in the latest tips to your online community and also solidify your reputation as a must-follow influencer.

Brightly Colored Lips

For quite some time, the fashion and beauty industry has been fascinated with muted matte lips.  This is slowly changing since some of the season’s hottest runways are starting to use loud and brightly colored lips for their shows.  This look is something that you can cop for your next Instagram posts.  Explore loudly colored lips and even metallic lipstick colors for your next beauty inspiration content.

Lined Lower Lids

If you watch this season’s fashion shows closely, you could have noticed that more and more models are seen to be rocking silver glitter liners on the runway.  This simple trick is something that you can use every day because it will not take much of your time.  Different brands also offer exciting options when it comes to liners for your lower lids. Try out this fashion trend for your next post and see how it will get you more follows.

Straight Hair

During the past years, our fixation for curly and textured hair has grown quite impressive.  This has been a problem for girls with naturally straight hair that do not hold texture well.  If you were one of these girls, then this is good news for you.  This season is slowly starting to take the spotlight back to straight hair much for like the style that is popular during the 90s.  Try it with the middle part and post a selfie.

Crystal Nails

The crystal embellishments that you often see on magazines and fashion websites have taken a more everyday use.  Thanks to different brands that value the everyday experiences of girls who need to take care of different tasks, there are crystal nail styles that are no more practical. If you are looking for a look that you do not have to maintain every day, then crystal nails will be a good idea.  Just make sure that you get your nails done in a good nail salon in order to avoid losing the crystals.