For most people, a big percentage of online models, being pretty means being girly. This is why the most successful online models are doe-eyes pretty faces with petite bodies. However, for the right people who have the right amount of spunk, being girly is not a necessity. If you do not believe this, then take a quick look at Rhaia Roscoe.

This 21-year-old pretty young thing is anything but girly and fragile. As a matter of fact, there is a possibility that she is even tougher than most of her male followers. You see, Rhaia Rascoe serves in the United States Air Force, and she swears by the different values that make the institution – and the country – that she serves proud. Being part of the service has geared Rhaia with various qualities, all of which are more important that looking dainty in front for the camera.

While she is, indeed, quite a stunner, Rhaia Rascoe is more than just a beautiful face. Being part of the service has also given this stunner a fit body that everyone would die for. The best thing about this aspiring model is that she is not run-off-the-mill skinny, like other aspirants in the field. She has curves. She had muscles. She has #bodygoals beyond compare.

What really sets Rhaia apart is her will to become successful. She may be young but she has already experienced what having the right motivation and drive can do for one’s goals. This makes her one of the novices to watch in the field of online modeling. This girl just won’t stops until she gets where she wants to be.

Saying that Rhaia has both beauty and brains will be an understatement. More the superficial things, Rhaia Rascoe has her heart in the right place and has the drive to work for her goals. Be part of her successful race to the top by visiting her IGModel Profile and following her on Instagram!