We are happy this year is full of festivals and red carpet events. They are always glamroous and engaging for fashion lovers. We meet fancy looks, posh outfits and trendy styling ideas. This time we’ll check out the best beauty moments from the Venice Film Festival. Let’s unvail the beauty of our favorite stars from their latest photos.

Chloë Grace Moretz

Look at this stunner. This is our talented Chloë Grace Moretz with her innocent and lavishing beauty. In spite of the fact that she has gone for minmial makeup she still grabs atention with her attractive faceial features and cutness. The secret is hidden behind her floral dress. Yes, celebs continue rocking lovely prints for this summer and fall and Chloë Grace Moretz’s choice is an astounding one. It is so modest, luxerious and simple at the same time. The color of her dress brings out the charm of her face and skin tone.

Naomi Watts

Now, look at Naomi Watts. She has something to tell about true femininity with her fabulous appearance at the Venice Film Festival. Her Tender look, that unique dress, short yet girlish haircut as well as the exqsuite makeup look so harmonious and beautoful. She has achived a fantastic image of a cute lady. This look of Naomi Watts is superb for any prom night or special occesion.

Dakota Johnson

Everyone was taling about the smashing beauty of Dakota Johnson. This evening she was sparkling with a hot and eye-catching beauty. Her long coral dress combined with a simple updo hairstyle has given her the chnace to show off her best feminine features. It’s all about her messy, carefree updo hairstyle that shows off so much body and draws attention to her lovely face.

Olivia Hamilton

We are in love with Olivia Hamilton’s outstanding look. She has worn a luxerious pastel pink dress at the Venice Film Festival and the created look is truely perfect. Her easy-to-do updo hairstyle allows her to keep all eyes on her beautoful face, while the dress makes her more elegant and feminine.

Lady Gaga

Another facinating pastel pink dress was seen on Lady Gaga. This look of her reminds of a gorgfous bride who has just found the ideal wedding gown for her biog day. Gaga was so happy rocking such a fantastic gown at this festival. It seems as if Italy had its fashoion influence on all celebs. As for her hairstyle, Lady Gaga has gone for a sleek and tight updo to get an elegant hairstyle on her platinum blonde hair.

Irina Shayk

And here is Irina Shayk with her delightful mermaid look. She was sparkling in a golden dress that goes well with her skin tone and eye hue. She has even worn matching yellow shows that complete the desired sunny and shiny appearacne. The look is so bright, eye-grabbing and inspiring for this fall.