Between the most extravagant hair color trends purple is perhaps one of the most requested toes. It comes with a number of hues and shades and today we’ll represent the best shades of purple hair color. If you are tired of the traditional hair color ideas, then find your ultimate hair color inspiration right here and right now. Pick up one of these purple hues for your locks consulting with a professional hair colorist. Keep in mind that light tones of purple require deep bleaching, while darker shades can easily be worn on brunette hair.

Dark Purple Hair Color

So, let’s start from the darkest shade of purple. It’s actually called eggplant hair color as it has the same tone of dark eggplant. This shade goes well with naturally brunette hair and looks beautiful both with dark and light complexions. The best eye hues to match with dark purple are black and browns. You can choose this hair color if you don’t want to take the same black or brown tones for your locks. The longer your hair the prettier will be the result.

Purple Balayage Hair Color

As for trendy highlights, purple balayage is just cool. This amazing hair color idea is becoming more and more popular. It’s a unique style of balayage that goes well with dark hair. You can add natural-looking highlights all over your dark strands and the result will be smashing especially on wavy hairdos. Those with blonde hair can also experiment with this hair color trend.

Lavender Hair Color

Lavender or the same pastel purple hair color is the most exquisite shade you’ll find in the trendy hair color palette. This cute hair color is ideal for women with light hair and light skin. It is easily achieved on naturally blonde hair. In case, you have brunette hair you should find a professional hair colorist to get the desired result. As mentioned above, dark brunette hair must undergo deep bleaching in order to wear the light lavender shade. This process may harm your hair and make it dry. So, make sure you use high-quality products and always condition your strands to keep them healthy.

Lilac Silver Hair Color

The palest tone of purple is perhaps the lovely lilac silver. Taking into account the fact that silver is a trendy hair color for the moment, creative hair stylists offer the combination of light lilac and silver as a new hair color idea. It’s another fantastic tone for blondes who want to experiment with an angelic look. This hair color is shinier than the rest of purple tones thanks to its silvery touch. You can match it with light complexions and light eye hues. Again you need to opt for some bleaching to get the perfect effect of lilac silver. Just make sure you take proper care for it and often visit your hair colorist for some fixes. Any hair color asks for regular maintenance and if you do it right, you can enjoy the fresh shade longer.