There are haircuts that stay in style forever because they suit almost everyone and bring out the best features of the wearer. In your choice of the right haircut you must pay attention to your facial features and face shape. If you are not sure in your choice, you can always refer to a pro and find the haircut that best suits you. While many women tend to rock long or medium hairstyles because they look more feminine than short haircuts, there are some that have hair types that require short styles. Here are the best short haircuts for you to consider this year.

Pixie Cuts

Whether you have straight or curly hair, you can change up your look with a super short haircut called pixie. Pixies are eye-catching haircuts and they actually showcase all your facial features and draw attention to your face. They are also low-maintenance, which makes them so demanded among busy women. Although pixies are too short to be considered feminine haircuts, they are softened with light hair colors and matching hairstyles. You can find cool ways to style pixie haircuts and make them as subtle as possible. Keep in mind that pixies are special for brave women who are not afraid of criticism. They belong to the extravagant category of haircuts that make you stand out in the crowd even if you don’t spend too much time in front of the mirror to fix your hair.

Bob Haircuts

There are several styles of bob haircuts from the classic blunt to the asymmetrical. Depending on your preferences and face shape your hairstylist will definitely offer the best bob cut for your hair. Compared with pixie haircuts bobs are more interesting and feminine in their styles. They come with a number of hairstyle ideas that allow you to look either casual or festive. Both straight and curly bobs are attractive in their cuts and styles. One of the biggest advantages of bobs is that they don’t ask hair type. You can rock them on any hair type and style but should make sure you have chosen the right haircut trend special for your hair type. For instance, thin hair will require some volumizing layers, while thick hair is ok with the classic straight cut.

Lob Haircuts

Lately, many women choose the golden mean between short haircuts and it’s called lob. Lobs or long bobs are other trendy haircuts to choose for any occasion. They are shoulder-length haircuts that are neither too long to annoy you, nor too short to leave you with a few hairstyle ideas. The best part about lob haircuts is that they are versatile and work well with all hair types. You can match them with bangs whenever you feel bored of it or you can refresh it with layers, new hair colors and hairstyles. Compared with the previous styles, lob hairstyles are very hot and more fashionable. They are sometimes accompanied with loose wavy hairstyles, which make them so gorgeous. However, straight lobs are the classiest.