Birgit Kos is the new girl at Elite Amsterdam and Elite Milano. She has recently joined the society of New York Elite. With stunning looks and daring features, Birgit has captured the whole modeling world. She has 5,641 followers on her Instagram account, which is @birgitkos. Plus, she has posted 150 pictures of her on Instagram till now, which include both her personal as well as professional snapshots.

Kos is associated with a number of modeling agencies, including The Society Management in New York, Elite Paris in Paris, Elite Milan in Milan, Elite London in London, Elite Amsterdam in Amsterdam, Elite Barcelona in Barcelona, Elite Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Munich Models in Munich, and Elite Stockholm in Stockholm. Amongst all these, her main modeling agencies are Elite Model Management Amsterdam in Amsterdam and The Society Management in New York.

The Dutch model is a very outgoing person. She hails from Dedemsvaart, Overijssel, in The Netherlands.  Birgit Kos was spotted by 2 casting agents, when she was shopping with her friends in Amsterdam. Kos was just 14 years old at that time. The laid-back and striking Dutch beauty soon started shooting with one of the local agencies in Amsterdam.

However, Birgit Kos was told by them that she has “too much hips.” Explaining this, Birgit herself says, “They said I could come back when my hips were smaller. I was done with it after that.” Nonetheless, Kos was destined to be a model. One day, her father came across an advertisement in the newspaper, which was about a competition, namely Elite Model Look. Seeing this, her father urged her that she tries her luck again in the modeling industry.

Birgit Kos took his advice and took part in this competition. She entered the finals of this competition, where she got a modeling contract at the age of 15. Soon, Birgit was flooded with work. She booked a number of editorials in magazines like Glamour and Elle.

The 21-year-old model recently bagged her biggest performance till date, which is the spring 2016 ad campaign of Giorgio Armani. To this, Kos, says, “When I started modeling, [Armani] was really the king of fashion for me.” She adds, “It was nice to get that [campaign] because after three years of working, you see that you’re going somewhere.”

Although, the Dutch beauty loves modeling, if not a model, she would have been a travel agent. Birgit Kos loves to stay outdoors in the lap of nature. She says that she would have been doing outdoor sports and teaching people about survival in the nature, if she would not have been a model.

In fact, Birgit Kos plans to take a few months off next year and volunteer in Namibia with her boyfriend. There she will fight against corruption and help with wildlife conservation. This is what she would like to do, if she is not modeling.

When asked to Birgit that did she ever thought that she could become a model, she says that she was often told by her hairdresser that she has a beautiful face and that she should be a model, when she was 13 to 14 years old. This is where she started to see the line and started modeling.   And, now Kos is a successful model. She is quite busy with many campaigns in her hand, especially the new Giorgio Armani campaign spring summer 2016.