Whether you are a natural blonde, brunette or a redhead you should always keep up with the latest fashion trends to opt for the most suitable solutions for your look and image. Today we’ll help you find the most beautiful hair color is you are a brunette. Dark hair requires deep bleaching when it comes to light shades but there are bold hues that work better and don’t ask for bleaching. So, let’s take a look at the best list of bold hair colors for brunettes.

Plum Hair Color

So, your first and most extravagant choice of bold hair color could be the plum hue. It’s one of the darkest purple colors that perfectly works with brunette hair and goes well with dark skin. If you think that it’s all you need for a radical style change, then consult with your hair colorist and rock this awesome hair color on your short or long hair. Make sure you take special care for this shade to maintain it as long as possible.

Burgundy Hair Color

If red then surely burgundy. Brunettes are expected to opt for darker shades of red to look natural and beautiful. If you want a light ginger or copper tone then you must go for deep bleaching, which in its turn, will damage your hair. On the other hand, you won’t look nice and natural. So, it’s better to color your hair in dark burgundy. It’s a bright, fresh and shiny hair color trend for naturally dark hair. You ca match it with dark skin and dark eyes.

Ash Ombre Hair Color

In case, you are tired of the traditional ombre hair color ideas, you may try this version. It’s a combination of ash brown and blonde shades that provide with an elegant result. Keeping the roots in your dark tone is recommended by professional stylists. If you want to experiment with ombre, then you can just wear an ashy tone on the top and lighten up only the tips.

Golden Brown Hair Color

The shiniest tone of brown for brunettes is the golden brown. It’s an amazing hair color for those who want to update their hair color and stay natural-looking at the same time. This lovely shade suits brown eyes and dark hair. It looks nice both with light and dark complexions. The best results of golden brown are achieved on long hair.

Jet Black Hair Color

The darkest shade on the hair color palette is jet black. It’s a fresh tone of black with an incredible shine. Brunettes seeking for a hotter look can try this hair color on their natural tone. It is easily achieved when hair is brown, chestnut or black. In fact, jet black suits all brunettes and tends to make hair look healthier and nicer. It’s an elegant hair color and allows you to stay classy. Whether your haircut is short or long, you can always consider wearing jet black on your hair.