It’s not every day that brands are able to work with online influencers who are also fashion and print models. This is a shame because experienced models have the knowledge and the network that will turn any online campaign into gold. There is no doubt that working with an expert model will be favorable for online brands and scouts should definitely be on the lookout for seasoned professionals who they can sign.

Fashion model Annemieke Kerstens is currently launching her online ambassadorship career. While she is a great print model, she is looking for online brands and businesses that will work with her as she takes her first steps as a brand ambassador.

Annemieke started modeling 10 years ago. Her first big break came when she was signed by FORD, which is one of the premiere modeling agencies in the country. Currently, she is based in San Francisco and is under contract with Stars Models.


“I love fashion and want to share products and the creativity of designers to the world.” – Annemieke Kerstens

Having worked with numerous designers and photographers, she is no stranger to the creative side of business. With numerous years of modeling under her belt, Annemieke knows how beautiful photos can sell products and build business reputations. This is what she wants to start doing now: using her talent and her creativity to boost brands and to showcase the creative side of the industry.

Annemieke would like to travel the world and share her experiences with as many people as possible. She is also looking forward to meeting new people and getting to know their stories. While this may seem like a tall order, she will surely be able to achieve this goal by focusing on living life with no regrets.

Our model loves yoga and Pilates. She also runs casually to keep her French bulldog fit. This active lifestyle and her clean eating habits helps her maintain a figure that is to die for!

Annemieke would love to work with sunglass, jewelry, bikinis, fitness, and fashion brands. Work with her and give your brand a boost by visiting her IGModel Search profile and her Instagram account!