Ever since the Instagram algorithm changed, it is harder to get your posts visible to a lot of people. But, don’t worry. Even though the game on Instagram has changed, nothing can stop you to boost Instagram followers.

In this post, I have prepared some general and some new bits of advice just for you. Most of them are about your profile, aesthetics and visual look of your feed. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Make your Bio Eye-Catching

At start, writing your bio and putting a link to your blog or website are some of the most important things to do. You have to be aware that it is hard to come up with totally unique and perfect description for your bio, but you need to give your best.

Concentrate on your audience, don’t be narcissistic and write only about yourself.

Decide About Your Personal Aesthetics

This part of Instagram has changed a lot. In the beginning, this social network wasn’t polished. People were publishing photos that were taken at the moment, with some of the filters applied to them, and that was it.

Nowadays, the situation has changed. Bloggers, influencers, and models use their feed to boost Instagram followers. Think about colors, aesthetic and what products you show to your followers. You can use many apps that allow you to see the look of your feed before posting.

Use Story Highlight Feature

When Insta stores appeared, Snapchat was put entirely in the second plan. Now, you don’t only have stories but the highlight option as well. That means that you can put your story on your profile, right below your bio for the not-limited period. Cool, right?

Highlights can be great opportunity to show off your products, or any other content that you want to emphasize on. Bloggers use it for travels, but mostly for tips.

Post Often (But, Don’t Overdo It)

Like on any other social network, on Instagram you need to post often, but try not to overdo it. Nobody can tell you the rule of how many posts are enough. That is something that you need to decide yourself. If you want more followers, you need to post more than one photo a day.

If you have beautiful photos, don’t wait to publish them. No one will mind seeing amazing images. However, if they are same or boring, you better think twice before showing them to your followers.


Instagram is one of the most interactive platforms. More than Facebook or Snapchat. That is why if you are using it as personal account or blogger you need to be active a lot and to interact with your followers.

Leaving comments and liking photos will help you build wonderful connections between you and your followers. You should definitely like the posts of people you are following, but make sure not to stay on your home feed only. Branch outside of it and see what other people are posting and what is popular in the search section.

Off all social media platforms out there, my opinion is that Instagram is the most powerful one. You know how they are saying it: ‘If you are not on Insta, then you don’t exist.’

Following these rules will enable you to gain a lot of new followers. The main thing is to be natural when leaving comments and to let your content present who you really are. By doing so you will make it easier for people to connect and feel closer to you.