Creating a content plan that will keep your followers interested may seem like a challenge, but this is something that a fun and fearless model like you should not worry about. When it comes to planning out your content, you just need to tap into your creative goddess and harness your own power of imagination. Here are some content ideas that you may use to bring more swag to your Instagram profile. With these photos and videos, your follower engagement will surely be off the roof!

A Beautiful Flatlay

Flatlays have taken the IG world by storm because they are pretty to look at and they tell much about the person who posts them. If you flatlay what is in your everyday go bag, for example, you are essentially giving your followers an intimate look into your world. There are different kinds of stories that you can tell using this storytelling tool, all of which will surely excite your followers. Just make sure that you take your photos in a perfect angle, to ensure perfect lay-outs every single time.

A Photo of your Work Area

If you do not work as a model full time, then you should definitely share snippets and stories about your day job. This is a great way to become more relatable to your online audience, since there is a chance that they are working in the same industry or vicinity! Snap a photo of your work area and caption it with an inspiring insight about your work, Just make sure that you clean it up a little and hide documents and anything that is confidential, to avoid leaking sensitive information online.

A Pic of your Pets

If you have hundreds and thousands of followers, there is a great chance that a certain bulk of these people love pets and animals. As a matter of fact, there is a great possibility that they have their own pets that they love as much as you love yours! Share a couple of snaps of your furry friends and tell a funny story or two. Before you know it, the likes and the comments will come flooding in!

A Carousel of an Event

While there is nothing that would be better than for you and your followers to be able to hang out in the same event, there is a slim chance that this will happen in real life. Bring them to your world and share the fun that you are having by covering the events that you attend and sharing them using beautiful and lively Instagram carousels! With a collection for every event, you won’t need to worry about flooding their fees just so you can keep them updated on the latest events and parties.