The best models and spokespeople are not only known for their one-of-a-kind beauty, but also their ability to make others feel good about themselves. Both of these traits are apparent with Genesis Gadson. Working as a cosmetologist and dreaming to be a world-renowned model, Genesis sure has the skills to sell brands and also to make other feel beautiful.

This beautiful young lady who is based in Texas dreams of becoming an Instagram model mainly because she is inspired by the models and spokespeople that she follows online. Whenever she looks at other people’s work and photos, it makes her want to go out and push herself to the limit as well.

“Looking at them makes me want to do better, be better and work harder. In the same way they inspire me I want to inspire others.” – Genesis Gadson

In addition to modeling and cosmetology, the beautiful Genesis Gadson is also a culinary fan. She cooks a lot on her spare time and she believes that this hobby of hers does not only feed her body but also her soul! Cooking is also her way of showing her love and care for her family and loved ones.

Genesis also has a soft spot on her heart of pets, being a Yorkie and Pitbull owner herself. On weekends, she volunteers her time on local animal shelters. This just goes to show that this go-getter makes it a point to share what she can to the world, be it her caring nature of her astounding looks.

Genesis also has a wide range of modeling categories. Given the chance, she would consider it an honor to be part of cooking, dining, entertainment, fashion, body art, fitness, hair music, photography, and travel-related campaigns. Puma, Jordan, Nike, Victoria’s Secret, and MAC are her dream clients.

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