Brittany Bennett is a gorgeous and passionate model from Australia. She has the most beautiful blue eyes, brown hair and vital stats of 31.5-23.5-34.5 inches. She’s also perfectly tall at 5’10 inches.  She has been confidently walking the runway and graced the cover of several magazines such as Vogue.

She is a dedicated model who is very passionate in teaching others how to be fit and healthy. She is a certified health junkie and a personal trainer!

As a model and personal trainer, Bennett devotes much of her time to keeping her body in shape. Obviously, she is 100% committed to fitness as evident in her instagram account.


Take a look at these impressive photos and be inspired to get yourself running and sweating too!

Bennett has a strong interest in health and fitness and has built a strong network around this market. She is the founder of which is a health, fitness and lifestyle Public Relations Agency in Sydney Australia.

With the inspiration on fitness that she is showing us, let’s remember that it’s not really necessary that one should be in the glamorous world of fashion to be fit. Everyone from all walks of life should really focus on staying healthy and fit all the time.



The fashion industry is complex and fast changing. To be successful in this career, one should be smart and creative in order to last. Great models like Bennett never really stop learning. They continue to face challenges in every project they work with. Innovation and hard work are the keys to success.

Clearly, Bennett has proven herself in the intricate world of fashion. She has been a publicist for over 5 years, leading successful campaigns across a range of industries spanning health, fitness, lifestyle, food, restaurants, fashion, beauty and more!

In her website, Bennett shares the following powerful message to everyone:

 ‘Today we live with an obesity epidemic – we’ve never been so spoilt for choice in our supermarkets and we’re sitting more than we stand every day. Working in an industry based on a wellness model allows me to empower people to make healthier choices to offset the alarming rates of an increasing sedentary lifestyle which can lead to numerous health issues.’

Bennett and her team are results driven and working really hard to inspire the world to live healthier lives.

Currently, have strong relationships with online and print publications, bloggers, influencers, social media influencers, TV producers and radio producers.