We usually tend to wear matching outfits for this or that particular season but there are cases when we want to put on our summer clothing and accessories on cold days. So, how to do to stay warm and stylish at the same time? Can we winterize our summer wardrobe? Keep on reading to learn how to do it right and wisely. We’ll give you cool ideas on playing up with your summer outfits for winter and you’ll make a habit for your most creative looks.

Summer Dress over Sweater

This particular look may remind you of your childhood when your mother used to mix up clothes to keep your body warm and make you look girlish in winter. Yes, the combination of summer dresses with sweaters works for cold days. It’s comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Of course, in this case you may wear tight and elegant sweaters instead of oversized sweatshirts or hoodies. Printed summer dresses look better with monotone sweaters. Prints bring a kind of fascinating effect to dull and gloomy sweaters in dark shades. You can finish the look with knee-length boots and warm accessories.

Shirtdress with Jeans

Another stylish way of rocking summer dresses in winter is pairing shirtdresses with jeans and boots. You can never go wrong with cozy shirtdresses in this combo. This is a creative idea of refreshing the style and look of your comfiest jeans. If the traditional dressing ideas of sweaters and jeans seem too casual for you, the shirtdress will surely come for help.

Mini Dress with High Boots

An effortless and attractive look will provide you the mini dress with high boots. You are going to fall in love with this cute and feminine style. It grabs attention due to its glamorous and elegant design. The same way you can do with your summer skirts. Just make sure you wear warm jackets or coats with this, to keep your body warm enough. Scarves and other winter accessories will come for help in the creation of this gorgeous look.

Slip Dress with Knit Sweater

Here is the case when you can wear your oversized knit sweaters with dresses. Your dress is supposed to be a bit longer than the sweater to showcase the created subtle style. This way you add a feminine detail to your sporty and casual sweaters. On the other hand, you free yourself from the force of wearing pants. A long jacket or a coat will surely keep you warm. As for legs, opt for high boots or stylish socks. Give yourself the opportunity to feel more feminine despite seasonal conditions.

Maxi Dresses

Floral, animal and any other types of prints on subtle silk dresses are ideal for summer. But what if you can wear them in winter too? Maxi dresses with bright prints and floral effects are always the most feminine outfit ideas you can have in your wardrobe. Let’s winterize them with matching coats, jackets, scarves and accessories to show off the top of our fantasy.