It is normal for teenage girls to be interested in fashion, but only a few are chosen to take a path that will lead them to the heart of the fashion industry. Cassie Presnell is one of those chosen few. This young lady has an inherent interest in the fashion industry and she would very much want to be a part of it. Fashion and cosmetics are a big deal for girls her age, yes, but Cassie has her heart set on being a part of this world — and she is willing to work for it!

One look at Cassie Presnell and anybody would agree that she is meant to be a model. She has a smothering look that engages even the most casual onlookers. She also has a versatile body frame that carries clothes well. It is no co-incidence, then, that modeling is one of Cassie’s biggest dreams! She would surely take on any opportunity that will bring her cloer to working with her dream brands: Forever 21, Adidas, Urban Outfitters, Francescas, Lorac, Too Faces, Urban Decay, and Kylie Cosmetics.

This 18-year-old stunner from the United States will also be attending Western Kentucky University to take up Fashion Merchandising. She will also be learning some Marketing Sales for her minor. By the decision to take these courses alone, one can truly say that Cassie is destined to be parts of the fashion industry, both as a model and a business leader.

“ I have a strong passion for helping others look and feel their best. My favorite thing to do is pair outfits together either for myself, or family and friends. The taste in style has changed drastically throughout the centuries but that is what I love most about the fashion industry. “ – Cassie Presnell

Cassie has had her fair share of doing modeling work in the past. She has worked with ROK Photography and Wells Studio on a couple of shoots. She said that she loved being part of these projects because it enabled her to bring out her fun and creative side through her poses, clothes, and shots!

“We are all different but we all share the same passion. We all seek to be different and it offers that opportunity to change. “ – Cassie Presnell

Get to know Cassie Presnell and be part of her journey into the fashion the industry! Visit her IGModelSearch profile and her IG account.