Maybe you need a new fashion inspiration maybe not, but here we are with the best prom outfits fall 2018 from Christian Dior. Every fashion hause has unvailed their fall/winter collections and we are happy we can choose prom outfits from our favourite brands. Let your upcoming special events be full of fun thanks to one of these fabulous outfits. Fall is all about festivals, fun parties and a variety of special events that wait for your luxerious looks. Take a look at these exquisite outfit ideas and opt for some of the most suitbale styles for your body shape, skin tone and overall taste.

A Unique Look

A light combination of high-quality fabrics and creativity provides with a fantastic prom style. When it comes to prom looks we usually imagine fancy and luxeroous dresses, but there are fashionistas that give preference to traousers and classic options. This look, for instance, is one of the most fashionable prom dressing ideas for this fall. Take it and amuse everyone.

Superb Elegance

Special for those looking for a super elegant dress for their offcial meetings, prom evenings or even date nights, here is a neat, modest and very elegant dress style from Christian Dior. Its light nude shade ideally goes both with light and dark skin tones. However, it looks perfect with medium to dark colored hair. Try to create a superb harmony if you have the matching features.

A Tender Night

Look at this tenderness. Doesn’t it remind you of the dark starless sky at night? It seems as if it’s going to lighten and rain. This dress is surely one of the best prom ideas from Christian Dior’s latest collection. It is made of plisse fabric that our mothers used to use in their youth. So, there is a kind of cool retro touch in it. You can rock it with a dark choker in order to grab more attention to the V-shaped neck style. If you have light skin tone, then the final look will be more beautiful.

Night and Day

In case, you have dark skin tone, you may make your choice between two-tone outfit trends. Another lovely look from the runway is this cuteness. Light mauve always goes well with dark shades. So, the designer has combined a dark-colored top with subtle mauve trims and a long montone mauve skirt. As a result, we have a classic and elegant idea of a prom dress for fall.

Kimono Style

In the majority of cases women take kimonos with them for casual autumn days to be on the safe side. Now, Christian Dior neglects all streotypes about casual dressing and offers wearing prom dresses with kimonos as a cool style statement. If you like to stand out in the crowd with posh looks, then choose this option. Combine a light-colored and subtle dress with an oversized dark kimono. Whatever your personal taste, you may try a kimono style this year to feel its coziness and beauty on your own body.