The process of using Instagram to build your personal brand is ever-changing; and you have to keep up with these constant innovations and adjustments in order to maximize the daily social media tasks that you do. However, with the wealth of information that you will find about this subject, it can be pretty hard to differentiate which advice to follow and which ones to forget about. As a matter of fact, most online models and brand ambassadors often fall prey into social media misconceptions that really do nothing for their goals. Here are four of the most common misconceptions that people have about using Instagram for network-building, along with reason why you should not believe them.

The More Followers, The Better

Do not be easily fooled by numbers. While growing the number of your account’s followers may be one of your goals, this does not mean that you should use dubious means just to make this happen. Most of the time, ambassadors end up buying followers that do more harm than good. Remember, engagement is the name of the game. If you have tons of followers that happen to be bots, then there wouldn’t be any real difference on the way that your account and content performs online.

You Need to Share Everything Online

While there is no denying the fact that your followers and your online audience would surely want to know what you are up to, there is no reason for you to post every single thing that you do on Instagram. Doing so will only give you a cluttered and, to be honest, a boring feed! Sharing everything online will also present you with potential privacy dangers, so make sure that you think before you post and curate your content well.

You Need to Cross Post to your Other Social Media Accounts

While Instagram’s sharing function has made it so much easier to get your content posted on your other social media websites, there is really no need to do so. Getting into the habit of cross posting everything that you post will only cause you to end up with redundant social media accounts! This will not help your brand or your online image. Make sure that you assign particular functions for the accounts that you use and that you stick to these predetermined purposes.

Using Instagram has Nothing to do with Online Marketing

Brand do it, so, why shouldn’t you? People who think that their Instagram accounts are meant to be personal assets totally miss out on a golden opportunity to market themselves to the world. IG has made it so much easier to build a personal brand, and it will be a waste for you not to use it! This is where you have the best chances of finding brand sponsors as well, so make sure that you use your profile wisely. Brush up on your online marketing skills and use them to sell the best product that you have: yourself!