In today’s modern day and age, it can be pretty hard to imagine that someone can exist without an Instagram account. However, while it may be almost unimaginable for a model and influencer like yourself, these people do exist! Instead of shunning them, what you can do is get them to out your favorite social media platform. Think of all the followers that you will get if you get your non-user friends to use Instagram.

Here are four of the more common misconceptions that non-users have about IG. Based on your understanding and your own personal experience of using this app, you should be able to set these misconceptions right and convince the non-users that you know to create their own accounts and start following you online!

“Instagram is Just Like Any Other Photo Sharing Site”

It is true that the main medium that account handlers use for Instagram are photos and videos, but that does not mean that it has nothing unique to offer those who will be using it. First and foremost, the concept of filters as one-touch editing systems were pioneered and launched by Instagram. It has also come up with different features that make use experience more exciting and unique.

“Instagram Users Do not have Lives in the Real World”

There has been an ongoing debate between the discrepancies of people’s daily lives and the lives that they project online. While it may be true for some users, particularly those who feel the need to gloss things over, this is not necessarily true for everyone who has an Instagram account! As a matter of fact, hardcore users would agree that Instagram helps them seize the opportunities that they are given every day, document the amount of fun that they have, and share it with their followers!

“Other Social Networking Sites are Better”

What most people do not understand is that each social networking platform serves its own purpose. Since Instagram is a highly-visual site, its main goal it to help users share what’s going on with their lives via photos and videos. Other networking sites perform functions that involve networking, microblogging, and the like; so, comparing them with Instagram, especially trying to figure out which site is “better” is practically useless. After all, you cannot compare apples with oranges.

“All Instagram Users are Obsessed with Taking Perfect Photos”

Once you get into the grove of using Instagram, you will find yourself sharing more and more of your life every day. Fun times will be documented with photos, which will be accompanied with captions that provide them context. There is only a handful of users who are so-called obsessed with taking the perfect photos, since most users understand that being on Instagram is not a competition. The depth of engagement that people have on Instagram are determined by individual users.