When it comes to getting their messages across, brands should partner with ambassadors who actually love to create genuine connections with the audience. Being a communications and graphics design student, Lex Buell has an advantage on this front.

In addition to her formal education, Lex draws her talent to connect with people based from her childhood experiences. Her father is in the military and, because of this, she has moved and lived in more than eleven places in the world! This kind of exposure to different people and different cultures has geared her with an unparalleled worldview that is uncharacteristic to other 20-year-olds.

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Lex Buell really has the foundation to be a full-pledged communication maven, as evident with her numerous social media accounts. All of her account are well-maintained and are regularly updated! Brands will do well to partner with her and tap her roster of following, for she will not only send out great word about products but will also maintain consumer interest on partner brands.

“To be completely honest, I thrive off of social media and the interactions presented to me through my various accounts. I am actually hoping one day I will be able to use my communications degree to pursue a career in it!” – Lex Buell

Not surprisingly, Lex is no stranger to being an ambassador. She has been posting about different clothes and items that she got off of the Wish app, and consumer engagement has been off the roof!

In addition to using her natural communication skills to promote products, Lex Buell is also interested in using her unique voice to empower young women like herself. After all, she feels great about her body, and she would want nothing more than to help other young women feel the same.

“I am also ALL about body love no matter what size you are and I am always trying to bring other girls up in a world where girls seem to like to tear each other down.” – Lex Buell

Lex Buell is a charming girl and she is a natural in making connections online and in the real world! Harness her skills for your brand by visiting her IGModel Search profile and her Instagram account.