Copper is truly an amazing hair color with all its tones and effects. It’s one of the brightest shades of red you can choose for your hair. The statistics show that women rocking this hair choose to come back to it over and over again as it attracts them so much. Once you wear copper hair, you fall in love with it. Below we have collected the best shades of copper hair color and matching hairstyles to inspire you for this season. Check out the list and opt for the best shade according to your skin tone and eye hue. By the way, the best part about copper is that it suits all skin tones and eye hues and goes well with all hair types from super straight to curly.

Long Copper Hair

The longer your hair the more luscious it will look with a copper shade. Here you see a lovely long hairstyle with a medium tone of copper. It looks like the true ginger and compliments fair skin tones. Be sure to match it with bright makeups to create a well-balanced style. If you have the same hair length, try to style it in a loose wavy hairstyle to bring out the shine of this hue.

Copper Bob Hair

Many people think that Emma Stone is a real redhead but the fact is that this smart blonde has found a better shade for her locks and it’s the copper. She has gone for it many times and the result was always so gorgeous. One of her most successful experiments was the combination of fresh copper with a trendy bob haircut. This cool hairstyle suits her skin tone and light eyes.

Short Copper Hair

Women with short hair always use light or bright hair colors to soften their haircuts. Since pixie cuts are harsh for women and they have a masculine touch in their style. Professional hair colorists offer either blonde or red hair colors to take off that harshness. Let your choice be the light copper for fall. It will refresh your hairstyle and make it more attractive.

Copper Hair for Black Women

As mentioned above, copper works well with all skin tones. So, it is amazing for black women too. In this case, you should opt for a bit dark shade of copper to get a harmonious combo. Take an example from posh celebrities who have experimented with copper hair. Consult with your colorist before making the final choice of copper shade.

Copper Ombre Hair

Special for those looking for two or three-tone hair colors here is the copper ombre style. Not every ombre looks so beautiful. If you have naturally dark hair then ask your hairstylist to keep the roots in your natural tone and gradually lighten up the tips with light and dark copper tones. The result is smashing. Make sure you have medium or long layers for this hair color idea. Then style it into large curls.