Looking for a warm and stylish fabric for this winter and spring? Here we are to offer the fabric of the year, and it’s corduroy. Whether you need cozy pants or warm skirts, you won’t go wrong with this trendy material. Below you’ll find some of the best examples on how to rock the corduroy in the most fashionable way.

Corduroy Suit

If you are tired of your old-fashioned classic suits and want something new, then choose this fabric. Nowadays it is worn in bright, pastel and light colors. You will grab attention with such a lovely and pleasant look. This style is attractive in spite of being too humble and smart. Well, some call this a risky choice especially when it’s in a pastel shade.

Corduroy Coat

Winter is not over yet and you are welcome to rock a new coat made of corduroy. This fabric will keep you warm if you opt for a style combined with some fur inside. As for the color, it can be something neutral to match with everything. Consider brown, grey, black, burgundy or white corduroy coats.

Corduroy Pants

Whether you like bold or cute shades, pink corduroy pants will make you feel more feminine. They are comfortable and stay longer in your wardrobe. Nowadays, we see newer versions of this style as it was popular in 90s too. Let’s say, this is a cool restoration of old retro designs.

Corduroy Shirt

Perhaps the thickest fabric ever used for classic shirt is corduroy. If you are a big fan of skirts, you may try this one too. It will surely differ from the rest of your shirts and make you unique. You can match it with jeans, cotton and wool in winter. Wear it on coldest days.

Corduroy Skirts

Who says there is no matching fabric for winter skirts? You can always stay feminine thanks to this style. Skirts allow us to showcase all our beauty and we can do it in winter too, thanks to corduroy. Don’t be afraid of bold colors and replace your black and dark skirts with bright corduroy skirts.

Corduroy Dress

And here you see the most girlish look of the list. Corduroy dresses are gaining more and more popularity these days. They are the best dresses for winter. Of course, they have a kind of sporty touch in them but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear them with heels and elegant accessories.

Corduroy Accessories

Finally, the list complete accessories. Besides hats, there are also headbands, bags and a variety of cute accessories made of corduroy. It goes without saying that you can play with more interesting color matching and combinations when it comes to accessories. Try to create your personal style with the help of these trendy items. They go well with warm winter outfits. Don’t forget about your makeup matching because there are cases when colors of your outfits demand matching hues in makeup. And this is just that case!