Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, more and more people have come to step into the spotlight and show the world who they really are. However, since these platforms are free for everyone to use, it is inevitable for some parties to maximize it and create an environment that is not exactly loving and welcoming.

As an online model, it is one of your responsibilities to create a safe and pleasant environment for your fans and your followers. Here are some things that you may so in order to do your part in creating an online community where everyone is welcome to express themselves without fear of being bullied or being on the receiving end of online hate.

Block Offensive Comments

On Instagram, everyone is free to express themselves and to throw in their opinions on different subject matters. However, there are instances when some users would cross the line and end up offending the bigger group. While it is true that they do have the prerogative of saying what they want to say, this does not mean that they have the right to go around and be downright offensive. If you start seeing offensive comments on your posts, especially if these comments are directed towards other followers, then you have the right to block them from your profile and interacting with people who do not want to hear from them.

Reduce Span in your Comments Section

Social media has become one of the most powerful tools that marketers use in order to promote their products and their services. As a matter of fact, it is this very philosophy that drove your brand partners to reach out to you and work with you. However, there are certain instances when content and comments get to be just downright spammy. These comments have no place in your profile and no place in your followers’ online space! Do not be afraid to filter these kinds of comments if you feel that they are sliding away from the community and atmosphere that you are trying to build online.

Call Out the Haters

As an online model and influencer, you will not be able to please everybody no matter what you do. There will come a time when you would see bad things said about yourself and your partner brands. The first thing that you do is to consider if this kind of hate has a grain of truth to them. If you find that there is, then do everything in your power to straighten the issue out. However, if you find that these comments are not rooted on a solid foundation, then do not be afraid to explain yourself and to call them out.

Encourage Peace and Love

Your followers are united because they share the same interests, which place you in the center, since you are an influencer. It is, thus, your role to help them keep their eyes on this fact and constantly remind them that they should do their role in creating a safe Instagram space. Mediate between issues and do whatever you can in order to bring out the best out of your followers.