For fifteen amazing years the world was proud to have Gisele Bundchen as the world’s highest paid model. Panta Rhei, people! Let me quote Heraclitus: “Change alone is unchaning.” Well, change came after a decade and a half. And we don’t mind it. So who exactly put the end to Gisele’s reign?

(P.S. We still love you Gisele)


Kendall Jenner, the breath-taking beauty, stole the spotlight from Bundchen. Not exactly stole since she totally earned it…but you know what I mean. Maybe Kendall is relatively new to the modeling world, but she’s not new to the public eye at all!

What do I mean by ‘she totally earned it’ and by ‘she’s not new to the public eye’? We’ve known Kendall since she was a baby girl raised by a mother and a FATHER. And we are all aware that’s not how things are now. Oops, wrong chat. Sorry.
Moral of the story: she’s not new to us.

The queen of the runways started her career as a child star in the reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” And she’s been in business ever since. Take the moment and make the best of it, right? Kendal did that. And she went big.


Thanks to her popularity that has been growing ever since 2007, this girl has earned $22m for this year only. 85 million followers on Instagram are happy to see her advertise well known brands. Of course, if you wanna be advertised by the best, there’s price for that. A big proportion of the millions Kendall earned are because of her collaboration with Adidas, Estee Lauder, La Perla etc. Oh, and she also owns a clothing line with her sister- Kylie Jenner. That’s what I meant by ‘she totally earned it’. I rest my case!

2016 was also not a bad year for Kendall Jenner. As Forbes reported, she earned $17 million for the past year and was ranked as the third highest-paid model in the world. This year, Kendall decided it was about time she stepped up her game. She is also the second on Business Insider’s list of the 9 Highest Paid Victoria’s Secret Models in 2017 with $10 million. But she’s pretty close to the first one on this list; Adriana Lima with $10.5 million. Hey, she’s just a half million away.

There are people out there who claim Kendall is nothing more than a wannabe model. As if!  Pardon my mistake, they dare to say she’s not even close to a model; she’s just a Jenner starring in the KUWTK. Yeah,right.
Haters gonna hate.

Fact is, there is no one that can compete with Kendall. But here are the top five lovely ladies that got pretty close to the crown.

1.Gisele Bundchen, highest paid model for 15 years

2. Chrissy Teigen

3. Adriana Lima

4. Gigi Hadid

5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Gisele should be happy and proud to have Kendall as the heir to the throne. Not everyone can handle the title as gracefully as Kendal can!